Flat Roof Replacement, Grand Rapids, MI

Did you know that as many as 80% of all commercial roofs are replaced before it’s really time? When it comes to a project as big and expensive as replacing your commercial building’s roof, it’s something that shouldn’t be left to chance – call Empire Contractors today at (231) 861-7221 to get a second opinion and schedule a free estimate with Michigan’s most reliable, trustworthy, and consistent commercial roofing company.

If your commercial building’s flat roof is, indeed, in need of replacement, you won’t have to worry with Empire Contractors by your side. We’ve been building, upgrading, and replacing flat roofs in Grand Rapids and throughout Michigan for more than 20 years. For quality service, world-class workmanship, and courteous customer care, get in touch with Empire today.

We Install All Types Of Flat Roof Systems!

When the time comes to replace your flat roof, it’s a great opportunity to step back and evaluate what type of roofing system you want. We at Empire Contractors are experts in a wide range of flat roofing systems and can help you navigate the many options and choose the one that will best fit your needs, wants, goals, and budget.

A few of the flat commercial roofing systems we work with include:

  • TPO
  • PVC
  • Metal
  • EPDM (rubber)
  • Modified bitumen
  • Spray foam
  • Built-up
  • And more!

To learn more about our commercial roof replacement procedures, contact us today at (231) 861-7221.

Flat Roof Replacement Options

One other choice many customers have when replacing their flat roof is whether to cover over their existing roof or whether to completely tear off the old roof and replace it with a new membrane. Let us walk you through each option:

1) Re-covering is a good choice if your existing roof is structurally sound and the old membrane is still in okay condition. If your roof is strong enough to support the weight of a new roofing system, this is a good option.

2) However, if your old membrane has significant damage or if the underlying roofing structure can’t support the added weight of an additional roofing system, tearing off your old roof and installing a new, stand-alone roofing system, is your best bet.

At Empire Contractors, we’ve handled dozens of re-covers as well as full-scale roof tear offs and replacements. We can come out to your location, assess your old flat roof, and give you our recommendation for your best solution.

Michigan’s Premier Installer Of Flat Roofs

Empire Contractors is Michigan’s premier commercial roofing contractor, specializing in flat roof replacement. If your flat roof is starting to show its age or if you are concerned about damages, give us a call today at (231) 861-7221. You’ll be in good hands, with a job guaranteed to be done right the first time!

Roof Inspection, Grand Rapids, MI

When your commercial building’s roof needs to be assessed, it is a job best left to the professionals. Not only can a professional roof inspection catch problems early on, saving you time and money in the long run, but it can also help you maintain your roof’s warranty and create a record for insurance purposes.

When you need a professional roof inspection in Grand Rapids, Michigan, call the experts at the #1 local commercial roofer in the area – call Empire Contractors at (231) 861-7221. We have been serving residents throughout Michigan for more than 20 years, and can help solve all your roofing problems!

4 Steps To Superior Roof Inspections With Empire!

Empire Contractors blow the competition out of the water when it comes to our comprehensive roof inspections. Our roofing technicians are trained to inspect each roof carefully, thoroughly, and precisely, so we can ensure your roof is thoroughly evaluated and any issues are appropriately attended to.

Here are the steps we take to inspect your commercial roof:

1. Research the roof thoroughly before ever stepping foot on it.

Whenever possible, the professionals at Empire Contractors will gather as much information about your roof as possible before stepping foot on it. This includes:

  • Finding out if your roof is under warranty. Some guarantees spell out what type of work may be done or what type of products may be used on a roof to keep the warranty intact. We want to make sure we don’t void your warranty by going in and performing an unapproved repair.
  • Looking at existing building records, including layouts, blueprints, etc. This helps us stay safe while traversing your roof.
  • Speaking with building occupants. People who live or work under the roof are most likely to know of any existing issues or chronic problems.

2. Inspect the roof’s interior.

The inside of the roof is just as important as the outside in terms of performance. Empire Contractors’ roofing technicians will carefully inspect the roof’s interior, looking for signs of trouble, such as:

  • Rust
  • Water stains
  • Dry rot
  • Corrosion
  • Wet spots/wet insulation/leaks
  • Loose or missing fasteners
  • Animal infestation
  • Structural defects
  • Defects in the building envelope
  • And more

3. Inspect the rooftop.

Now that the underlying structures have been thoroughly assessed, one of Empire Contractors factory-trained, certified roofing technicians will closely inspect your building’s rooftop, including the roof field, perimeter, and rooftop accessories. This step includes assessing the following:

  • General condition of rooftop material
  • Debris accumulation, especially in drain system
  • Standing water
  • Low spots
  • Growth of algae, vegetation
  • Counter flashings
  • Coping
  • Joints
  • Boots
  • Drain systems
  • Rooftop equipment (for stability)
  • And much more!

4. Present findings and select the best solution.

At the end of an Empire Contractors inspection, we will present you with a report of all findings, along with several options for action. We seek to meet all our customers’ needs by providing solutions at every price point.

When you choose Empire Contractors to take care of your commercial roof, you are working with a company that puts customers first and places great emphasis on completing high-quality work. Give us a call today to get started! (231) 861-7221

Single-Ply Roofing, Grand Rapids, MI

Looking for a strong single-ply roofing system for your commercial or industrial building? If you’re located in or near Grand Rapids, Michigan, look no further than Empire Contractors. For more than 2 decades, we’ve been supplying building owners and property managers throughout Michigan with superior single-ply roofing membranes from a variety of time-tested manufacturers. Call us today at (231) 861-7221 to learn more or read on.

Mule-Hide Single-Ply Roofing Products

Empire Contractors offers single-ply roofing membranes from Mule-Hide, a trusted name in roofing since 1906. Regardless of project size, MHP commercial roofing systems can handle it – from fully adhered EPDM (rubber) systems to TPO and heat-welded PVC membranes, MHP has a solution for every low-slope roof challenge:

1) Mule-Hide EPDM

Mule-Hide EPDM is a great lightweight, flexible yet strong, single-ply membrane. It’s ideal for long-term waterproofing on new construction or retrofits. Mule-Hide’s rubber roof systems are highly resistant to ozone and UV and can handle the hottest summers and coldest winters Michigan can throw at them.

Can be fully adhered, mechanically attached, or ballasted, and comes in 3 options:

  • Standard black
  • Reinforced with polyester for superior durability
  • White-on-black for superior reflectivity and energy savings

2) Mule-Hide TPO

Mule-Hide TPO is easy to install, saving you time and money. It’s white surface naturally reflects up to 78% of the sun’s rays, reducing utility costs and heat buildup. It’s resistant to fire, ultraviolet light, and pollutants.

Like EPDM, Mule-Hide TPO can be fully adhered, mechanically attached, or ballasted, and it comes in 8-, 10-, and 12-foot-wide rolls.

3) Mule-Hide PVC

One appeal of Mule-Hide’s PVC single-ply roofing system is its ability to install quickly in one pass with a small, trained crew. Like TPO, PVC is highly reflective. Mule-Hide PVC is also flexible and lightweight yet strong. It stands up to repeated exposure to severe weather, high winds, building movement, and routine rooftop traffic. It can be fully adhered or mechanically attached.

Firestone Single-Ply Roofing Products

Empire Contractors also provides single-ply EPDM and TPO roofing systems manufactured by Firestone, a provider of innovative products with outstanding warranty coverage:

1) Firestone RubberGard EPDM

Since its introduction in 1980, Firestone’s RubberGard EPDM system has dominated the single-ply roofing market through its proven performance, durability and flexibility over a wide range of building types.

Benefits include:

  • Energy savings (up to 25%)
  • Lightweight design (less than .5 lbs per square foot)
  • Long lasting (50+ years)

2) UltraPly TPO

Firestone UltraPly TPO roofing membrane is a sustainable roofing solution for a wide range of building types. Firestone’s TPO single-ply roofing membranes provide exceptional resistance to ultraviolet, ozone, and chemical exposure. ENERGY STAR rated. Comes in several colors, widths, and thicknesses:

  • White, tan, or gray.
  • 8-, 10-, and 12-foot widths
  • 45-, 60-, and 80-mil thicknesses

Conklin Roofing Single-Ply Products

The third and final roofing manufacture Empire Contractors sources our premium single ply systems from is Conklin, a leader in roofing products since 1977. Conklin produces two single-ply systems: Flexion and HyCrown:

1) Flexion

Conklin’s Flexion is a reinforced PVC single-ply membrane that provides a tough but flexible barrier against the elements. It comes in thicknesses of 50- and 60-mil. It is naturally fire resistant, easy to maintain, and lasts a long time.

2) HyCrown

Conklin’s HyCrown single-ply membrane is extra-tough because it is manufactured with Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSPE), a synthetic rubber noted for its resistance to chemicals, temperature extremes, and ultraviolet light. HyCrown delivers solid, long-term protection from a number of pollutants that can attack the surface of a roof.

Call Empire Contractors For Superior Single-Ply Products!

Whether you’re replacing an existing roof or building a new roof, using the correct materials for your building is critical. Using high-quality materials will determine how long your roof will last and how well it will perform. Get the best with Empire Contractors. Call today at (231) 861-7221.

Rubber Roof Repair, Grand Rapids, MI

Your commercial or industrial roof is designed to last for many years, even decades. However, no matter how well you take care of your roof, the truth is that it will experience issues every now and then. When that happens, call the experts at Empire Contractors.

Empire has been serving our customers in Grand Rapids and throughout Michigan for over two decades, and we are your #1 contractor of choice for rubber roof issues. Call us today at (231) 861-7221 to schedule an inspection and receive a no-cost, no-obligation estimate.

Reliable Rubber Roof Repair In Michigan

At Empire Contactors, we always want to catch any problems your rubber roof may be facing as soon as possible. Rubber roofs are extremely durable with a great reputation for lasting as long as 50 years or more, however, like any roof, if they are not properly maintained, small problems can grow into big headaches.

Some of the most common problems we encounter with rubber roofs include:

  • Rips/tear/holes/punctures – These can quickly develop into a leak.
  • Standing water – Low spots or dips in the rubber membrane can collect water, which will slowly deteriorate your roofing material.
  • Loose/bad flashing – Flashing is the material that covers the seams on your roof. Again, loose flashing is an opportunity for water to infiltrate your roof.
  • Bubbles – May indicate trapped vapor, air, or moisture.
  • Loose membrane – Failing fasteners or poor installation may cause your roofing membrane to wrinkle or come up.

Regardless of the type of damage your rubber roof may be experiencing, the professionals at Empire Contractors are equipped to handle it. We use the best products and employ only skilled, factory-trained and certified laborers to work on your roof.

Thorough, Professional Rubber Roof Repair

Empire Contractors provides rubber roof repairs as well as rubber roof maintenance programs to ensure your commercial roof is in the best condition possible…and that it stays that way.

Here is a simple overview of our repair process:

1) Inspect the damaged area, and prepare a report with finding, proposed solutions, and cost estimate, to be agreed upon by the customer.

2) Prep the damaged area:

  • Remove debris
  • Wash or clean the membrane.

2) Remove damaged roofing materials and dispose of, keeping work area clean and tidy.

3) Apply the new repair materials, using the best products available.

4) Inspect the finished product for quality assurance and make sure the customer’s expectations are met or exceeded.

After we repair your rubber roof, we at Empire Contractors don’t leave you high and dry. We recommend our clients have their roofs inspected at least every 6 months (preferably in the spring and fall) to stay on top of repairs and keep your roof in tip-top shape. Call us today at (231) 861-7221 to ask about our fully customizable maintenance contracts.

Call Today!

If you are looking for a trustworthy, high-quality commercial roofing contactor who can take care of your commercial building’s rubber roof, call Empire Contractors today at (231) 861-7221. One of our friendly representatives can help you schedule a free estimate and get you on your way to a high performing commercial roof once again!

Roof Coating, Grand Rapids, MI

At Empire Contractors, we understand that the performance of your roof is only as good as the materials you use to protect it. That is why we offer premium roof coatings from three of the nation’s most dependable manufacturers – Mule-Hide, Firestone, and Conklin. If your commercial or industrial building could use an added measure of protection, call us today at (231) 861-7221.

Empire Contractors has been providing the standard in commercial roofing solutions for more than 20 years. We would love to talk to you about how our superior roof coatings can add years to your roof’s life, stop leaks in their tracks, and improve energy efficiency. Read on for more details.

Peak Performance With Conklin Roof Coatings

Empire Contractors carries high-performance roof coatings as one solution to repair and restore your old, aging commercial roof. Roof coatings are an excellent alternative to roof replacement – they allow you to upgrade your roof’s performance without the time and expense of tearing off and rebuilding your roof.

Roof coatings from Conklin Roofing Systems offer many advantages:

  • Proven track record – Conklin roof coatings have been in use since 1977, and the company continues to innovate and formulate new products. Satisfied customers include Ford, Holiday Inn, Burger King, Ashley Furniture, and others.
  • Groundbreaking products – Conklin manufactured the first liquid elastomeric roof coating ever, their Rapid Roof coating.
  • Widespread use – Conklin products have been applied to more than 2 billion square feet of roofs across the U.S.
  • Long lasting – Conklin products have been known to last decades.
  • Durable – Strong and waterproof, reflect up to 85% of the sun’s rays
  • ENERGY STAR rated
  • Efficient – Utility savings of 30%
  • Guaranteed – Up-to-18-year, full-coverage non-prorated warranties

Increased Protection With Mule-Hide Roof Coatings

Empire Contractors also offers roof coatings from Mule-Hide, a company that has been providing premium roofing solutions since 1906. Mule-Hide provides 4 categories of coatings:

1) Acrylic roof coatings – Exceptional durability and UV stability extends roof life. Attractive bright white reduces energy consumption.

2) Silicone roof coatings – Can be applied over new spray applied polyurethane foam, EPDM, TPO, aged PVC, aged acrylic coatings, concrete, asphalt built-up roofs, granulated modified bitumen roofs, and metal roofs. Creates a barrier that is durable, resistant to weathering, breathable, watertight, and weatherproof.

3) SEBS roof coatings – Intended for the repair and restoration of asphalt, modified bitumen, metal, Kynar, TPO, Hypalon (CSPE), PIB, and EPDM roofs. Extremely fast drying. Skins over in minutes and cures completely in a few hours. Will not wash off or pick up debris. Available in 8 colors.

4) Aluminum roof coatings – Provides premium, high-performance protection for asphalt-based roofs. Special reinforcing fibers “push” the aluminum flakes to the surface for long lasting reflectivity and greater durability.

Extended Life With Firestone Roof Coatings

Finally, Empire Contractors also carries roof coatings from Firestone. Firestone Building Products has 3 coating programs that cover many roofing systems, offering a variety of benefits, including an extended roof life and substantial energy savings:

1) AcryliTop Coating

Firestone’s AcryliTop Coating can be used to protect EPDM and modified bitumen roof systems. Benefits include:

  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • Reflects 68% of the sun’s energy
  • Eligible for up to a 10-year limited labor and material warranty

2) Firestone Fluid Applied Metal Roof Coatings

  • Seals metal roofs
  • Can be installed directly over light rust
  • Fibers + asphalt creates a heavy coating that lasts a long time
  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • Reduces rooftop temps by up to 100 degrees F
  • Easy to install
  • Highly reflective

Call Empire Contractors Today!

If your commercial building’s roof needs an upgrade, call the roof coatings experts at Empire Contractors first, before you commit to replacing your roof. Up to 80% of all commercial roofs are prematurely replaced – don’t make the mistake of replacing when you can restore your roof with a premium coating from Empire. Call today at (231) 861-7221.

Commercial Roofing Services Muskegon, MI

Empire Contractors provides a wide-array of commercial roofing services to clients in Muskegon, MI. As a company, we’ve been around since the late 90’s. Over the last 20+ years, our team has earned a solid reputation in Michigan for our high-quality craftsmanship and top customer service. For a free onsite roof evaluation, give us a call at (231) 578-4760.

Roof Inspections

As one of our primary commercial roofing services, Empire Contractors offers thorough roof inspections. It’s extremely important to hire an experienced company to inspect your roof because if all of your roof’s issues are not found, you’ll wind up paying for useless repairs. Empire Contractors will diagnose your roof properly and then proceed to fully repair or restore your roof the first time around.

Customized Maintenance Plans

At Empire Contractors, we give each client personal attention. Our maintenance plans are customized to suit your specific roof. Maintenance plans are capable of doubling the lifespan of your roof. With regular roof inspections and a customized maintenance plan, you’ll keep your roof in top condition and pay less on repairs.

Roof Restoration

Did you know that most commercial roof replacements are done prematurely? Empire Contractors can fully restore your roof with a flawlessly-applied roof coating. A roof coating is much cheaper than a roof replacement. The seamless membrane adheres to the surface of your roof which keeps water out. Plus, a roof coating is easy to apply and can cut down on your energy costs significantly because of its reflectivity.

Roof Replacements

When your roof can no longer be effectively repaired or restored, Empire Contractors can help set you up with a new roof. We offer roof replacements at competitive prices. Since we work with all types of commercial roofs, we can install a new roof of your choosing. This includes several environmentally-friendly roofing options. Our team of professionally-trained roofing technicians will expertly install your new roof so that it will last you decades.

Call Us Today!

Clients in Muskegon, MI trust Empire Contractors with all sorts of commercial roofing services. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and we even offer no-obligation estimates. To schedule a time for us to come by and evaluate your roof, give us a call today at (231) 578-4760.

Commercial Roofing Companies Muskegon, MI

Empire Contractors is the top commercial roofing company available to those in Muskegon, MI. We’re an experienced company that has built up a solid reputation across Michigan. Our roofers are experts in working with all types of commercial roofing systems and materials. For a free onsite roof evaluation, give us a call at (231) 578-4760.

Our Services

Empire Contractors offers a wide-array of commercial roofing services. One of our thorough roof inspections will find all of your roof’s issues and allow us to recommend the proper service(s) to fix them. From small, general repairs to large-scale roof replacements, Empire Contractors has you covered.

Roof Restoration

Before you decide you need your roof replaced, make sure you are aware of the current restoration services. Here at Empire Contractors, we specialize in roof restoration. By restoring your roof, you’ll get more out of your existing roofing system. It’s also less wasteful, less time-consuming, and less disruptive. Plus, restoring your roof with a roof coating can make your building more energy-efficient.

About Our Company

Our company has been around since the 1990’s. With over two decades of industry experience, our team is fully qualified to help you with any service your roof may require. Our formally-trained roofing technicians are fully licensed and insured so that everyone is protected on the job site. We have a strong customer service record and are known for our ability to customize quality roofing solutions.

At Empire Contractors, we are also proud members of the Choice Roof Contractor Group. This shows that our roofing solutions have been proven to be of the highest quality. As a member, we also get factory training and in-depth instruction on how to continue providing complete customer satisfaction.

Call Us Today!

We continue to offer honest roofing advice and quality workmanship to clients across Michigan. We look forward to forming more longterm business relationship with clients in Muskegon, MI. At Empire Contractors, we rely on our local reputation which is why we always go the extra mile to ensure flawless results. For a free onsite estimate on any sort of commercial roofing service, give us a call today at (231) 578-4760.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Muskegon, MI

When you’re in need of a premium commercial roofing contractor, Empire Contractors has you covered with all types of commercial roofing services. We’re a company with over 20 years of industry experience that can customize roofing solutions to suit your specific roof, building, and budget. Clients in Muskegon, MI can reach us at (231) 578-4760 for a free onsite roof evaluation.

Roof Inspections

Empire Contractors provides thorough roof inspections to clients across Michigan. We recommend every commercial building owner to schedule a couple of roof inspections per year. This will help keep repairs small, prevent water damage, and extend the life of your roof. After our professionally-trained roofing technicians have evaluated your roof, we’ll be able to recommend the appropriate services to fix its issues.

About Our Roofers

With over two decades of experience, the roofers at Empire Contractors have seen it all. We work on several types of commercial roofs and are known for finding the best solutions for our clients’ specific needs. Our roofers are fully licensed and insured which can give you some peace of mind when we are on the job site.

Empire Contractors is an endorsed member of the Choice Roof Contractor Group. A company can only qualify for this honor through consistent customer satisfaction and craftsmanship of the highest quality. Members also receive factory training and information on how to provide clients with even better services.

Our Customer Service

At Empire Contractors, we make sure that our clients are always in the loop. Our customer care is second to none as we communicate with clients to sort out the best roofing solutions for their roof and preferences. This can mean anything from a small repair to a roof replacement. We also offer customized maintenance plans and roof restoration services that can help extend the life of your roof and save you money.

Call Us Today!

Empire Contractors is hands down the best option for clients in Muskegon, MI who are in need of a reliable commercial roofing contractor. Since the late 1990’s, Empire Contractors has earned the trust of local building owners. With top customer care and craftsmanship, you can’t go wrong when you hire us. For a free onsite estimate on any type of commercial roofing service, give us a call today at (231) 578-4760.

Single-Ply Roofing Muskegon, MI

At Empire Contractors, we specialize in commercial roofing. Single-ply roofing is one of the most common commercial roofing systems. Single-ply roofing is known for being a durable, flexible, and cost-effective roofing system. Whether you need a single-ply roofing repair, restoration, replacement, or installation, we can help. For a free onsite estimate, clients in Muskegon, MI can reach us at (231) 578-4760.

Types Of Single-Ply Roofing

There are many kinds of single-ply roofing. Each kind has unique benefits, so it really depends on your building, budget, and preferences. Here at Empire Contractors, we have experience working with a a variety of single-ply roofing materials, including EPDM, TPO, and PVC.

EPDM (Rubber Roofing)

An EPDM roof is one of the most cost-effective roofing systems on the market. With proper maintenance, this affordable roof can last over four decades before needing to be replaced. The material is fully recyclable, low-maintenance, and flexible. Plus, EPDM roofs are quick and easy to install.

TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

This fast-growing type of single-ply roofing is the best on the market for making a building more energy-efficient. The white membrane effectively reflects the sun helping you save a significant amount of money on energy costs. This type of system can be fully-adhered or mechanically attached.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

This strong membrane is fiberglass reinforced and also comes in white. This type of roofing system is often used on buildings that are exposed to chemicals because of how resistant the membrane is. The seams are strong and heat welded.

When Empire Contractors comes by to evaluate your roof, we’ll be able to go into more detail about your single-ply roofing options. We install new systems flawlessly so that you can have a roof that will last you decades. We can also restore your single-ply roofing system with a roof coating, which can have your roof watertight for years longer.

Call Us Today!

Empire Contractors is the top choice for clients in Muskegon, MI. We offer a variety of single-ply roofing services, from repairs to replacements. To schedule a free onsite estimate, just give us a call at (231) 578-4760. We look forward to working with you!

Flat Roof Repair Grand Rapids, MI

With timely repairs and maintenance, a flat roof can last over 40 years before needing to be replaced. Here at Empire Contractors, we offer flat roof repairs and more to clients in Grand Rapids, MI. You can trust us to handle all types of commercial roofing services that will help you get your money’s worth out of your existing roof. For a free onsite roof evaluation, give us a call at (231) 578-4760.

About Empire Contractors

Empire Contractors has been around since the late 1990’s. Our roofers are professionally-trained and always hold the proper licenses and insurance. With over twenty years of experience working on commercial roofs, we know what it takes to provide long-lasting solutions.

Green Solutions

At Empire Contractors, we’re known for our ability to make a building more energy-efficient through green roofing solutions. We offer environmentally-friendly roofing systems like TPO single-ply roofing. This white membrane reflects the sun which lowers your energy costs significantly. The same can be said about our roof coatings.

Speaking of roof coatings, if you’re here because you need a flat roof repair, it may be time to restore your flat roof. By restoring your flat roof with a roof coating, you won’t need to worry about leaks for years which saves you both time and money. This affordable service can prolong the life of your roof by over a decade. As time goes on, you can always get your roof recoated. Before deciding you need a roof replacement, learn more about the advantages of roof restoration!

Our Flat Roof Repairs

The experienced roofers at Empire Contractors are not just experts at flat roof repairs but also roof leak detection. Pinpointing the leak on a flat roof can be difficult. The last thing you want is to pay for a repair only to find that your roof is still leaking. When you hire Empire Contractors, your flat roof will be properly diagnosed and fully repaired the first time around.

Call Us Today!

When you need a flat roof repair, it’s time to call Empire Contractors at (231) 578-4760. We provide roof repairs, restoration, and replacements to clients in Grand Rapids, MI.  Our team looks forward to forming more longterm business relationships with local clients!

Flat Roof Repair, Muskegon, MI

The flat roof of your commercial building is intended to last for many years, made with durable, water-resistant materials and designed to withstand pressure from foot traffic and efficiently drain water. However, no matter how well you take care of it, your flat roof will eventually need some measure of repair or maintenance. When that day comes, call Michigan’s #1 commercial roofing contractor, Empire Contractors.

A quick response and repair from Empire Contractors will help you catch small problems before they become big headaches. At Empire Contractors, we specialize in inspections, repairs, and maintenance for flat roofs. Don’t let chronic roof problems get you down – let Empire Contractors take care of your flat roof repairs and get your roof back to optimal performance. Call today at (231) 861-7221.

Customized, Professional Flat Roof Repair Solutions

As a full-service commercial roofing contractor, Empire Contractors offers a full range of flat roof repair solutions. We treat all types of flat roofing systems:

  • TPO
  • PVC
  • EPDM (rubber)
  • Modified bitumen
  • Built-up (BUR)
  • Spray foam
  • And more!

Whatever type of repair you need, no matter how big or small, the professionals at Empire Contractors can handle it. We also provide specialty leak detection and repair services.

Leak detection and repair require advanced technology and special training to ensure all points of water intrusion are found and fixed. Our roofing technicians are factory trained and certified to repair your roof leaks and provide you with leak-free performance for as long as possible.

Multi-Point Flat Roof Inspections

You’ve probably heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” When it comes to your commercial flat roof, that ounce of prevention comes in the form of our in-depth roof inspections.

Regular roof inspections, performed by a trained professional, are vital to the overall health and performance of your flat roof. Industry standards recommend having your roof professionally evaluated twice a year, usually in the spring and summer, when conditions are most favorable and accessing the roof is easy.

At your request, Empire Contractors will send out a professional inspector to evaluate the condition of your roof, assessing the interior and exterior of your roof, as well as any associated components.

Long-Term Flat Roof Maintenance Plans Available!

At Empire Contractors, we understand the importance of having a preventative maintenance program in place for your roof, which is why we offer fully customizable service contracts for our clients. These service contracts allow us to build unique, long-term maintenance plans for each customer, specifying what regularly scheduled services you would like to receive.

Many warranty programs require building owners or managers to make sure their roof receives regular maintenance in order for the guarantee to remain intact. As your flat roof ages, having a maintenance plan in place is an investment with a great return.

Complimentary Roof Repair Quote

The Empire Contractors team is eager to provide you with a complimentary roof inspection and cost estimate for your commercial flat roof repair. Call us today at (231) 861-7221 to learn more or send us a message online through our website. One of our friendly, knowledgeable service representatives will get back to you quickly.

Flat Roof Replacement, Muskegon, MI

No one wants to hear that their commercial building’s flat roof needs to be replaced. Just the idea of it conjures up worries about massive expenses, messy job sites, and extended deadlines. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Empire Contractors is western Michigan’s premier commercial roofing contractor, offering a full range of roofing services to property managers and building owners, including flat roof replacement.

When you hire Empire Contractors to replace your flat roof, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands. At Empire Contractors, our motto is “Roof it once!” That means when you have your installed by Empire Contractors, you can count on that roof lasting for its entire projected service life or beyond, with no risk of premature failure. Call us today at (231) 861-7221 to get started.

Do I Need A Flat Roof Replacement?

By some estimates, as many as 80% of roofs are prematurely replaced. Many issues can be addressed with simple repairs or roof restoration, which Empire also offers, but there are some problems that may indicate your roof needs more than regular maintenance.

If your flat roof is experiencing any of the following issues, it may be time to replace:

  • You are continuously paying for repairs that don’t seem to improve your roof’s efficiency.
  • Repairs are becoming more frequent or widespread.
  • Your roof is exhibiting signs of structural deficiency.
  • Your roof is reaching the end of its projected service life.
  • Your roof is no longer under warranty due to age or condition.

We at Empire Contractors will never suggest a total roof replacement unless it is absolutely necessary. If you suspect your roof may need to be replaced, we will send one of our friendly, knowledgeable technicians out to your site for a thorough inspection before any contracts are signed.

Efficient, Professional Roof Replacement For Michigan

If our initial inspection reveals that your flat roof does need to be replaced, Empire Contractors will follow a standard process to ensure that your roof tear off and replacement goes as smoothly and quickly as possible:

1) Protect surrounding property.

We will protect your commercial building during the re-roofing process by tarping or covering any landscaping or surroundings that could be harmed by falling debris. The roofers at Empire Contractors are fully licensed and insured and comply with federal safety standards, so everyone is covered in the case of an accident. We also make sure to keep the worksite clean, to reduce any hazards to safety.

2) Remove old roofing system.

We don’t just tear off your old roof, we also dispose of it, taking care of any associated permits or landfill fees. With your old roof removed, we can carefully inspect the underlying structures for any issues or weaknesses, which we will address before moving on to the next step.

3) Install your new roof.

With the roof deck properly prepared, we are ready to install your new roof system. Empire Contractors is fully trained with expertise to install a wide variety of flat roofs, including:

  • TPO
  • PVC
  • EPDM (rubber)
  • Built-up (BUR)
  • Modified bitumen
  • Spray foam
  • And more!

We will walk you through the pros and cons of each and help you choose the flat roofing system that is best for you. After properly prepping the roof deck and replacing your roof, the roofers at Empire Contractors will clean up everything and complete a final inspection to ensure the highest level of quality workmanship.

Call Empire Today!

If your flat commercial roof needs replacing, don’t trust such a major undertaking to just anyone – Empire Contractors has more than 2 decades of local industry experience and will help you make the best decision regarding your new roof.

When you hire Empire Contractors to replace your flat roof, you will be working with a company that:

  • Works expertly and efficiently.
  • Is invested in fulfilling your needs and goals.
  • Puts customer relations first.
  • Keeps our insurance, certificates, licenses, and vendors current.
  • Has office staff to make sure you will reach a representative that can assist you.
  • Uses the latest in industry technology.
  • Honors warranties.

Call Empire Contractors today at (231) 861-7221 to learn more.

Rubber Roof Repair, Muskegon, MI

Rubber is a popular choice for many commercial roofs – it has decades of proven performance as a long-lasting, versatile, durable roof system. However, just like any roofing material, it will eventually develop issues as time and exposure to the elements ages it.  When your rubber roof needs repair, call Michigan’s full-service commercial roof repair contractor, Empire Contractors.

Empire Contractors has the skilled labor and industry tools to repair any and all rubber roof damages. If you live in Muskegon or any of the neighboring communities – Shelby, Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo, etc. – give us a call today at (231) 861-7221. We are here to assist you!

Signs Your Rubber Roof May Need Repairs

EPDM, or rubber, roofs have been on the market for well over 60 years. Property managers and business owners in our cooler climate appreciate its dark color, which can absorb heat to help warm the building. Its highly durable rubber membrane can be sealed with adhesive or seam tape to provide excellent protection and durability in any weather.

However, rubber roofs are prone to some common issues, which may warrant professional repairs:

  • Punctures – Rubber is susceptible to punctures, rips, tears, and holes from excessive, careless foot traffic or dropped nails and screws.
  • Shrinkage – Extremely cold temperatures can cause the rubber membrane to shrink, leading to gaps through which water can enter.
  • Deterioration – Over time, ultraviolet light can cause the roofing membrane to deteriorate, allowing water to enter.
  • Standing Water – Low-sloped or flat rubber roofs commonly develop low spots, where ponding water can slowly degrade the roofing membrane, causing a leak.

If you suspect you may have any of the above issues, or notice a decrease in the efficiency of your rubber roof, call Empire Contractors to talk to one of our experienced roofers about your repair options.

We Make All Types Of Rubber Roof Repairs!

If your commercial rubber roof has any problems at all, the highly trained professionals at Empire Contractors can handle it! We provide a full range of commercial rubber roof repair services, including, but not limited to:

  • 24/7 emergency repairs
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Roof inspections
  • Localized, general repairs
  • Roof patching
  • Temporary repairs
  • Rubber roof restoration
  • Roof service contracts and maintenance plans
  • Roof replacement and more!

Quick, Courteous Rubber Roof Repairs For Michigan

No matter the size or difficulty of the job, we at Empire Contractors are equipped to take care of it. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in the last 20 years has earned us a reputation as the best commercial roofer in the state.

We set ourselves apart from other roofing contractors with the following:

  • Superior customer education – Learn about your options without high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Ongoing communication – Throughout your roofing repair project, we maintain open lines of communication.
  • Skilled labor – The crew Empire Contractors is professional, experience, and certified.
  • Commitment to honesty – We believe in practicing implicit integrity in all that we do, from project bids to installation techniques.

When you hire Empire Contractors to repair your rubber roof, you can be sure we will do what we say we will. We will show up on time, day after day, to complete your repair quickly and professionally. Call us today to get started! (231) 861-7221

Roof Coating, Muskegon, MI

Empire Contractors provides full-scale roof restoration services to residents, property managers, and business owners in and near Muskegon, Michigan. Our premium roof coating systems are a great alternative to total roof replacement, allowing you to add years to your tired, old roof’s life while saving time and money.

If you are interested in restoring your current commercial building roof to a new, worry-free system, give the experts at Empire Contractors a call today at (231) 861-7221. One of our friendly team members will be happy to schedule an initial consultation or answer you questions about the many benefits roof coatings offer.

Advantages Of Roof Coatings

Roof coatings quickly take care of the issues that inevitably come about as your roofing system ages. The list of benefits that come with roof restoration is extensive, and we invite any commercial building owner or manager to find out how a roof coating from Empire Contractors performs in real-world conditions.

Here is a short list of the benefits our clients who select roof restoration typically see:

  • Lower utility bills – Reflective coatings drop roof top temperatures by as much as 80 degrees.
  • Less wear and tear on HVAC equipment – Coatings reflect up to 85% of the suns rays, reducing the stress on equipment.
  • Financial incentives – Empire Contractor’s roof coatings are ENERGY STAR rated, qualifying our customers for tax rebates.
  • Waterproofing – Seamless, monolithic, elastomeric roof coatings fill every crack and seam to give you a leak-free roof.
  • Low maintenance – Requires a cleaning about once a year.
  • Easy to install – Lower labor and material costs than a roof replacement. No landfill or disposal fees. Can be installed with minimal disruption and without closing down business.

We Only Use Premium Roof Coating Products!

Empire Contractors knows that our work is only as good as the materials we use to complete it. For that reason, we use elastomeric, fluid-applied roof coatings from Conklin. For more than 40 years, Conklin has been formulating and manufacturing premium roof coatings that have stood the test of time.

Here are a few ways Conklin beats the competition when it comes to roof coatings:

  • Optional, non-prorated warranties of up to 20 years.
  • Just two coatings can extend your roof’s life by up to 36 years.
  • Flexible properties allow your roof coating to expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate.
  • Exceptional durability

Before you take the plunge on an expensive, messy roof replacement, give Empire Contractors a call at (231) 861-7221. Don’t throw your money away with a roof tear-off and new installation – give roof restoration with our premium roof coatings a try!

Roof Inspection, Muskegon, MI

If you’re a property manager or building owner in Muskegon, MI, then you know your commercial building’s roof needs to be inspected regularly to stay ahead of repairs and keep your building operating at optimal efficiency. Empire Contractors is western Michigan’s premier full-service commercial roofing contractor, specializing in customizable roof inspections for all your roof evaluation needs.

Worried about a potential leak? Want to prepare your roof for the coming winter? Maybe you’d like a little spring-cleaning visit? From pre-job inspections to mandatory final inspections to all-inclusive, stand-alone roof inspections, the experts at Empire Contractors can do it all. Call us today at (231) 861-7221 to learn more.

Project Inspections

Every job we take on at Empire Contractors involves inspections at various stages. These mandatory checks help us maintain high standards of quality, accuracy, and performance, and occur at the beginning, middle, and end of every project:

1) Pre-Inspections

Before any work begins, a member of our team will inspect and document the condition and specifications of the existing roof. At this time, we will also evaluate the roof’s interior and exterior for visible damages, which we will discuss with the building owner or manager.

2) On-The-Job Inspections

As an added measure of quality control, we at Empire Contractors perform several inspections throughout the course of any roofing job, checking for the following:

  • Proper preparation and installation of roofing materials: underlayment, roof system, vents, flashings, etc.
  • Proper adherence to safety standards
  • Clean jobsite
  • And more

3) Final Inspections

At the conclusion of each roofing job – no matter how big or small – the experts at Empire Contractors will perform a final inspection, reviewing the entire jobsite to ensure your building will be protected by a quality repair or installation.

Comprehensive Roof Inspections

Sometimes, a customer needs a more in-depth roof inspection. Empire Contractors is happy to provide those, too. In our more than 20 years of service, we have developed a thorough process that allows us to accurately inspect your roof, diagnose any problems, and suggest individualized solutions. Here are the steps we follow:

1) Find out if the roof has any active warranties or guarantees. If so, it may limit what work can be done without voiding the warranty.

2) Learn as much as we can about the roof by researching existing building records and speaking to building occupants. This can help us assess the roof’s condition and learn more about any existing issues.

3) Thoroughly and meticulously inspect the roof and all related components:

  • Check the roof interior for signs of rust, water, structural defects, corrosion, etc.
  • Check the building envelope for structural problems or air leaks.
  • Evaluate the rooftop, checking for general wear and tear, standing water, dirt and debris, etc.
  • Inspect the roof perimeter, paying close attention to accessories such as flashings, copings, and gutters.
  • Assess roof equipment for stability and performance

4) Report all findings to customer, along with multiple solutions at various price points.

5) If the customer agrees, move forward with a plan of action, including estimates, deadlines, and other details.

Call Empire Today!

If your commercial roof is in need of an inspection, call Empire Contractors today at (231) 861-7221. We will quickly and accurately assess your roof and help you find the best solution for your specific needs and goals. We look forward to working with you!

Financing Your Project With Empire Contractors | GreenSky Financing

Although many factors can affect the cost of a new or replacement roof project, we can all agree on one thing; Costs are on the rise.

As a consumer, how do you afford a new project on your home when costs rise as they do? Luckily Empire Contractors offers financing options that can help you pay for your roofing project without incurring hundreds of dollars in interest charges. At Empire, we believe it is important that your roof is replaced before it deteriorates to an unstable level (where it could possibly damage the interior of your home). Our relationship with GreenSky allows us to offer affordable financing plans that allow you to get your project completed on your schedule while being able to pay off the balance over time with no interest (Depending on the financing plan you choose).

Click HERE to PRE-QUALIFY for GreenSky financing!

Tons of Shingle Waste. And a Recycling Solution

In 2011 I was appointed to the newly formed National Shingle Recycling Committee. Its a collaboration of efforts and research from many different companies spanning many different industries to work on a solution for the ever growing amount of shingle waste going to landfills.

It has been a rewarding experience to get to join in on conference calls with people that are  experts in their respective areas, brainstorming different ideas, and really to be on the new frontier of innovation.  We’re really blazing the trail for the introduction and use of RAP (recycled asphalt shingles) in roadways.


Im not as smart as the road engineers, the chemical engineers, or the D.O.T. specialists that we deal with. But I do know roofing and dumpsters. So thats what I contribute; how to coordinate dumpster and roofing companies, show how they can help recycle with minimum expense.  It can help them market themselves as green and responsible.

Really this post is just to say its a real privilege to be on the forefront of a new thing. I didn’t say idea, because this idea has been around for a while, but like some things it takes a while for the public opinion to change on this type of thing. But we can’t keep putting 11 million tons of shingles in the landfill every year.

5 Misconceptions About Metal Roofs

Metal has been a popular choice for roofing for some time, but has been gaining even more interest in the recent decade.  Metal roofs have been proven to withstand many climates for centuries. They are more durable, resilient, and eco-friendly than most any other systems.  Installing a metal roof can also enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home or business.  Even though there are many benefits, there are still many misconceptions in the market about metal roofs.  Relying on a professional roof contractor such as Empire Contractors can insure that you will get accurate information and avoid any pitfalls that may come with an inexperienced contractor. Let’s cover several of the myths that people have with metal roofing.

  • I will hear the rain on the metal. It will be loud.

This is a very common question, but Ive never had a customer actually hear the rain once the roof is finished. Metal roofs generally have underlayment, sheeting, and insulation under them, along with drywall or other wall covering. All these components work together and cancel out any if not all noise from the rain. This, however, does not mean you won’t hear acorns or hail.  An attic ventilation space also plays a part in sound deadening.

  • The metal will attract lightning

The probability of lightning striking depends on two factors : the chance of a strike, and its consequence.  Basically, no specific facts exist on “how to reduce the probability of a strike”.  One thing to remember when thinking of consequences of a lightning strike remember, metal is conductive. It offers low resistance to lightning and disperses it to the ground. Metal is also non-combustible in nature as opposed to wood and asphalt shingles. Metal won’t catch fire when struck.

  • A metal roof will mess with my phone signal

If you cell phone signal is good now, it won’t change with the addition of a meta roof. Most of us spend considerable time in businesses such as coffee shops, churches, and restaurants, which often have metal roofs.

  • A metal roof won’t add value to my home

Metal roofs are generally more expensive but more durable and resilient than asphalt shingles, which is people are favoring them more lately. According to Remodeling Magazine, homes renovated with standing seam metal roof systems offer a resale value of 1%-6% more than homes with asphalt shingles. Homes renovated with metal roofs help recapture almost 85.9% of their cost nationally, and 95.5% in eastern states.


Metal roofs are durable, resilient, beautiful, eco-friendly, safe, and perform much better than asphalt roofs.  If you are considering a new roof and wonder about the benefits of metal roofing, feel free to talk to a professional from Empire Contractors. Or call 231-861-7221.

No leaks!! For sure. But it should look good to!

Ive seen too many roofs lately that look, well, not that great. Just talking with a colleague yesterday about “proportions” on a metal roof.  Even though it is all the same color, gauge, part of the same system and all, the reveal lines and proportions should be consistent.


For example: We are doing a 70 SQ house that is mostly a steep pitch. The ridge cap is 7″x7″ instead of the usual 6″. The drip edge has 4″ reveal instead of the usual 3″. The wall flashing is 6″ instead the traditional 4″. At first glance they look large. But when you look at the perspective of how large the house is, how long the panel runs are, its more consistent with the house.

All this just to say, we care more about how we install a roof than its “waterproofness”, “straight lines” or even speed of completion. What really matters is that the roof we install is a compliment to the overall house, functionally and aesthetically.  After all, the roof we install is in some sense “the icing on the cake”!

WE’RE ALL BUSY! But are you being productive?

Every roofer I talk to lately says they are booked out past Christmas and can’t even think about taking more work. And that’s great! Good problem to have, as they always say. But I can’t help but thinking ,”Are your paychecks or bank account reflecting you hard work?

A roofing friend of mine told me yesterday ,”It used to be 1000’s would come in and 1000’s would go out. Now its 10,000s come in and 10,000s go out.” I understand the feeling. When things get so busy, we just start scrambling. Just get to the next job, right?


I have found a better way, and it kind of fell in my lap. I started using Conklin products as part of my line up. And had a group like Choice Roof Contractor Group help along every step of the way. Right here is where most guys stop reading. And thats fine.  But Ive had many times in my roofing career when I was like ,”I wish someone would show me an easier way!” You see, I didn’t want to wear a tool belt after I hit 40.  I started doing coatings 5 years ago and was able to take my tool bag off a year later (38 yrs old).


Now a to of guys will argue ,”I like being on the roof!” or “I have to make sure my guys don’t mess it up!” or “Things won’t get done if Im not there!”  Yes, I had to work those things out (post for another day), but I didn’t want to be a crooked back roofer.

If you don’t want to be a crooked back roofer, reach to me. Message me, ill give you my phone number. Even do your research and check out my profile, company FB page, and Linkedin. A guy named Ed Brown helped me get started and I’d like to show someone else. Make it a great day guys!