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Commercial Roofing Companies Muskegon, MI

Empire Contractors is the top commercial roofing company available to those in Muskegon, MI. We’re an experienced company that has built up a solid reputation across Michigan. Our roofers are experts in working with all types of commercial roofing systems and materials. For a free onsite roof evaluation, give us a call at (231) 578-4760. […]

Commercial Roofing Contractor Muskegon, MI

When you’re in need of a premium commercial roofing contractor, Empire Contractors has you covered with all types of commercial roofing services. We’re a company with over 20 years of industry experience that can customize roofing solutions to suit your specific roof, building, and budget. Clients in Muskegon, MI can reach us at (231) 578-4760 for […]

Single-Ply Roofing Muskegon, MI

At Empire Contractors, we specialize in commercial roofing. Single-ply roofing is one of the most common commercial roofing systems. Single-ply roofing is known for being a durable, flexible, and cost-effective roofing system. Whether you need a single-ply roofing repair, restoration, replacement, or installation, we can help. For a free onsite estimate, clients in Muskegon, MI […]

Commercial Roofing Services – Kent City, MI

Looking to schedule your commercial roof for inspection or service this spring? The spring season is an optimal one to have your roof in the hands of the right professionals and at Empire Contractors, we’re proud to be the trusted commercial roofing contractor for building owners and more in the Kent City, MI area. For […]

Single-Ply Roofing – Kent City, MI

Spring is coming here in the Kent City, MI area and the roofing professionals at Empire Contractors are more than ready to make sure your single-ply roofing system is ready for any storms the summer is going to bring our way. Whatever form of single-ply roof you have on the top of your building, it’s […]

Rubber Roof Repair – Kent City, MI

Have you been dealing with recurring roofing issues on your commercial or industrial building in Kent City, MI or the surrounding areas? Empire Contractors brings the skilled roofing professionals you need to know your roof will get repaired properly from the start. As a full-service commercial roofing company, every roofer on our crew knows how […]

Roof Inspection – Ada, MI

Put simply, having routine roof inspections completed by professionals each year can help save you thousands on your roofing expenses. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? At Empire Contractors, we’ve been in the roofing industry around the Ada, MI area for decades and we’ve seen firsthand just what it takes to help our customers continue to get […]

Roof Coating – Ada, MI

As the snow melts on our roofs after the long winters here in the Ada, MI area, it’s not unusual to wonder if any water is going to find its way in. At Empire Contractors, we work hard to make sure this is never a concern for any of our commercial roofing customers and we’re […]

Flat Roof Repair – Ada, MI

Flat roofs continue to be a common choice for commercial and industrial buildings and at Empire Contractors, our roofing professionals are more than proficient with all of them. As a full-service commercial roofing company, we believe it’s our duty to be your one-stop shop for everything involved with commercial roofing. That means we can properly […]

Commercial Roofing Contractor – Kent City, MI

Having a trusted commercial roofing contractor at the ready is a valuable asset and at Empire Contractors, we’re more than honored to be the contractor those in Kent City, MI and the surrounding areas continue to rely on after more than two decades serving our neighboring business owners and property managers. Your commercial roof is […]

Commercial Roofing Companies – Kent City, MI

Looking through the available commercial roofing companies in Kent City, MI and the surrounding areas? Empire Contractors is proud and grateful to continue to be a leading roofing company in the area and we know that our more than twenty years in the industry helps our experienced roofing professionals provide our customers only the finest […]

Commercial Roofing Services Muskegon, MI

Empire Contractors provides a wide-array of commercial roofing services to clients in Muskegon, MI. As a company, we’ve been around since the late 90’s. Over the last 20+ years, our team has earned a solid reputation in Michigan for our high-quality craftsmanship and top customer service. For a free onsite roof evaluation, give us a […]

Roof Inspection, Muskegon, MI

If you’re a property manager or building owner in Muskegon, MI, then you know your commercial building’s roof needs to be inspected regularly to stay ahead of repairs and keep your building operating at optimal efficiency. Empire Contractors is western Michigan’s premier full-service commercial roofing contractor, specializing in customizable roof inspections for all your roof […]

Roof Coating, Muskegon, MI

Empire Contractors provides full-scale roof restoration services to residents, property managers, and business owners in and near Muskegon, Michigan. Our premium roof coating systems are a great alternative to total roof replacement, allowing you to add years to your tired, old roof’s life while saving time and money. If you are interested in restoring your […]

Roof Coating – Kent City, MI

Empire Contractors continues to deliver long lasting, affordable roofing services and solutions to building owners, facility managers, and more throughout Kent City, MI and we’re honored to be the team you can trust with more than two decades of service records. We have worked hard to build a team of roofing professionals who are committed […]

Flat Roof Replacement – Kent City, MI

There’s no way around the fact that a flat roof replacement is disruptive to your daily routine, the requirement for a tear off and new roof installation involves quite a bit. One thing that is a guarantee is that when you have the roofing professionals at Empire Contractors working for you on any job your […]

Commercial Roofing Services South Haven, MI

Having regular and professional commercial roofing services done to your roof can help with getting your roofs life expanded and allow for the long life your roof was made for. There are a lot of commercial roofing systems in the industry and they all have one goal in mind, longevity. At Empire Contractors, we will […]

Commercial Roofing Contractor South Haven, MI

Are you trying to find a trustworthy commercial roofing contractor in South Haven, MI or the surrounding areas? At Empire Contractors we have been delivering the highest quality roofing solutions and services to building owners and property managers for 20 years. Our crew of highly experienced contractors know how to get a commercial roof fixed […]

Commercial Roofing Companies South Haven, MI

Empire Contractors is a full service commercial roofing company that works in the South Haven, MI area and has worked in that area for 20 years. We are a well-regarded commercial roofing company because of our innovative solutions, skilled craftsmanship, reasonable process, and knowledge in the industry. We are viewed as Michigan’s top commercial roofing […]

Flat Roof Repair Kent City, MI

Are starting to see leaks in your roof once heavy rainfall rolls around? Possibly you are also starting to see water ponding onto your roof a couple day after it has rained. If so, you should call the flat roof repair experts at Empire Contractors. You can contact us at (231)-861-7221 and have our team […]