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Roof Inspection – Kent City, MI

Empire Contractors has been bringing building owners and facility managers trusted commercial roofing services for more than two decades and we have seen how beneficial it is to be proactive about the needs of your roof versus being reactive. Reactive roofing services tend to be far more stressful, time consuming, and costly and this is […]

Roof Inspection South Haven, MI

Looking to get your roof checked out by a team with a proven track record? If your building is in South Haven, MI, call Empire Contractors at (231) 578-4760 for a thorough roof inspection. We are a full-service roofing company that will find a cost-effective solution for your commercial roof! Our Roof Inspections In order […]

Roof Inspection Plainwell, MI

If you are hoping to set up a roof inspection for some time in the near future, go with Empire Contractors. We always give our best effort to get out to our clients quickly after they call us at (231) 578-4760. We have decades of experience and you can trust our certified installers for top-notch […]

Roof Inspection Hastings, MI

Making sure that a commercial roof gets what it needs comes down to roof inspections. Empire Contractors is happy to provide thorough roof inspections for those in Hastings, MI. We’ll keep your roof in solid condition with cost-effective and timely roofing solutions. For a roof inspection, call Empire Contractors at (231) 578-4760. Timely Roofing Services […]

Roof Inspection – Wayland, MI

Having your commercial roof professionally evaluated shouldn’t be a stressor! At Empire Contractors, we’re a family owned and operated full-service commercial roofing company and we’re honored to say we’ve been bringing our neighbors in Wayland, MI quality roofing services they can count on for decades. We have a team full of professionally trained roofing contractors […]

Roof Inspection Rockford, MI

Empire Contractors is one of the most trusted full service commercial roofing company in Michigan! For a longer-lasting commercial roof, it helps to schedule inspections regularly. With our company, this is easy! Just call (231)-861-7221 so that we can sort out a convenient time to provide a roof inspection. Maintaining A Commercial Roof When roofs […]

Roof Inspection – Kentwood, MI

If you own or manage a building here in the Kentwood, MI area, then you likely know having a dependable roof atop your building is essential anytime of year, but it’s especially important going into our two wettest seasons, winter and summer. With fall right around the corner, now is a great time to call […]

Roof Inspection – Cadillac, MI

At Empire Contractors, we know that as a building owner or property manager, you have enough things to worry about and keep track of and when you trust your commercial roof to us, we’ll provide you with hassle free services and solutions that will keep your roof performing like new. Every roofer on our crew […]

Roof Inspection – Wyoming, MI

If you’re unsure when your commercial roof was last inspected by a team of professionals, don’t wait, now’s the time to call Empire Contractors and have your roof inspected before the winter season is here! With fall just around the corner, now is an ideal time to have your roof inspected. This will allow our […]

Roof Inspection Manistee, MI

Empire Contractors is a company that can adjust on the fly to better service the people of Manistee, MI. For example, due to Covid-19, we are continuing our business as usual while making adjustments to help keep everyone safe. This includes no-contact roof inspections and estimates. For a thorough roof inspection, call our team today […]

Roof Inspection – Cadillac, MI

Roof inspections are incredibly underrated as they’re a simple, cost-effective roofing service that can help you get a long, successful life from your roof, just as it was intended. Commercial roofs were designed to last for the long term and when they are properly installed, inspected, and maintained, they can last for decades. At Empire […]

Roof Inspection – Manistee, MI

Thinking it’s time for a roof inspection to ensure your roof is ready for summer? Call the team at Empire Contractors today to schedule your professional inspection so that your roof can get any necessary repairs or services it might need to get the job done right all season long! Here in Manistee, MI, we […]

Roof Inspection – Fruitport, MI

The value of a professional roof inspection is far underrated as it is the best and easiest way to stay in the know when it comes to the condition of your roof and what it requires. Roof inspections help you to keep your roof in peak performing condition throughout its life and that helps you […]

Roof Inspection – Lansing, MI

A roof inspection is an essential service in commercial roofing and while it may seem like a simple service that you can call on any roofing company for, it is certainly one that you should only trust to a team of professionals. A professional roof inspection will cover your entire roof, the interior and exterior […]

Roof Inspection – Battle Creek, MI

It’s hard to believe, but spring is here! We all love to see the snow melt and the flowers appear, but it can be a stressful time if you have a roof that has taken on any damage over the long, icy winter. The spring season is an ideal time to have a roof inspection […]

Roof Inspection – Holland, MI

A professional roof inspection is a service that is sadly too commonly overlooked by commercial and industrial building owners and managers. When many commercial roofs are installed, the company performing the installation believes the job is done and doesn’t inform the customer of the crucial maintenance needs. When you choose to work with Empire Contractors, […]

Roof Inspection – Norton Shores, MI

Owning or managing a commercial roof can be a trying job at times, a lot of times we’ve learned from our customers that they go long periods of time without even knowing the condition of their commercial roof. At Empire Contractors, we offer affordable yet thorough roof inspections that will help to keep your roof […]

Roof Inspection North Muskegon MI

No matter what roofing substrate is on top of your commercial or industrial facility, there are a few things that you expect out of it. The top of your list is likely dependability, durability, and high functionality. You chose that roof to protect your property, and you expect it to do just that. At Empire […]

Roof Inspection Whitehall, MI

To most business owners and property managers, a roof is like many other assets. They don’t generally think about the status of it until a problem arises, then you only repair the immediate needs. However, we like to help you change the way you think about your commercial or industrial roof. If you work with […]

Roof Inspection – North Muskegon, MI

A roof inspection is an easy way to guarantee that your commercial roof will last for many extra years. When you hire the team at Empire Contractors to complete your roof inspection, you are getting the finest roofers available and they will provide you with the most thorough report of your roof. All our technicians […]