Commercial Roofing Services – Holland, Michigan

Every commercial roof is unique and with that each of the commercial roofing services needs to be constructed around the individual needs. If your business is in Holland, MI and it needs service call us at Empire Contractors today by dialing (231) 861-7221.

The Process

Each of our services starts the same way. The process starts with you calling our customer care team. They will take the basic information and set you up with a roof inspection. The information they will need is your name, phone number, the address of your building, and what service you think is needed. The day before the inspection we will call to confirm with you the time at which your appointment is. When we are on your roof, we will conduct a thorough inspection. This inspection will either confirm your thoughts on the service your roof needs or will change the service that is needed. The next step is to create an estimate based on the findings. Then we can sit with you and go over it with you. After you can decide if you want to have all the services done at one time or if you would like to break them up a bit. That will help the costs and alter the timeline. We will then provide said service or services that you have decided on.

Each Service

Each of our services comes with an inspection. However, that is not the only thing it comes with. Each service also comes with knowledge. Not just knowledge that is gained through studying manuals but the kind of knowledge that comes with time, the kind that is passed on through generations and through experiences. This also provides us with a better ability to focus on you and what your roof needs. We know that many companies treat you like you are just another job. We would rather take the time to get to know you and what it is you see in your future to better understand what you need from your roofing system.

Contact Us

When you own a building, you depend on it to protect your business. It also depends on you to maintain it. This includes its roof. If your building is in Holland, MI, then you need a partner that knows how to deal with the commercial roofing services that are available. Call us at Empire Contractors by dialing (231) 861-7221.