Rubber Roof Repair – Holland, Michigan

Rubber Roof Repair1

It is no surprise to our roofers at Empire Contractors that rubber roofs are an extremely popular option for those that own commercial and industrial buildings. They are affordable and incredibly durable roofing options, which will last for decades when installed and then maintained properly. However, like any other roofing system your rubber roof will need repairs. When that time comes, trust us for any of your rubber roof repair needs in Holland, MI, as well as the surrounding cities. To contact us dial our number at (231) 861–7221 to request an estimate on the roofing service you need.

About Rubber Roof Repairs

No rubber roof repair is so complicated that our highly trained roofers might not do it successfully. We will offer you all the solutions that fit to get your roof back in its best condition. As a full-service commercial roofing company, we have seen a lot of the issues that can arise with rubber roofs, which means we know the best ways to get these issues fixed quickly and in the long term. You should not be struggling with constant roofing issues. When you work with us, this is something you will not have to worry about. Our roofers have the training and technology to get any of your roofing issues taken care of.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration does wonders for a rubber roof that has a solid foundation but just needs a little help getting back to its peak condition. Empire Contractors offers roof coatings that will have your roof performing like new again so that you will not have to worry about leaks or any other roofing issues popping up anytime soon. Roof coatings protect your roof by providing a seamless waterproof membrane that can also reflect up to 85% of the sun’s powerful UV rays which can lower your energy bills as well. Restoring your roof is better than having it replaced. A roof replacement will cost you in time and in money. Replacements require no one inside the building and all your stuff needs to be covered or removed to ensure they will not get broken or damaged.

Call Us Today

When your roof needs any rubber roof repairs and you are in the Holland, MI area, give the roofers at Empire Contractors a call at (231) 861–7221. We are the top commercial roofing contractor in the area and are sure we can get your rubber roofing needs taken care of.