About Our Roof Inspection

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Roof inspections are a terrific way to protect your investment into your business with little cost. Whether you just bought the building or are ready to do some updates and want a company that will be honest with you. We, Empire Contractors in Reed City, MI, are that company you are looking for and needing to have on your roof. Call us today (231) 861-7221.

Why They are Important

There are several reasons to have a roof inspected. One of which is due to the need for repair work to be done. Before any work is done your commercial roof will need to have a thorough inspection to find all the repairs that are needed to correct the roof. Another reason is to clarify if repair work is needed or if the issues need to be corrected through a restoration process instead. An inspection also helps us to ensure that there are no risks of the roof caving in while we are on it and people are inside the building. We want to protect our people as well as anyone or anything inside your commercial building. Another reason is that it helps with your insurance and getting your claims accepted.

Roof Maintenance is Vital

Roof Inspection

One thing that we will always recommend is the use of a maintenance program for your roof. Our maintenance program has two inspections per year built into it. Thus, helping to ensure that we have eyes on your commercial roof regularly to make sure that no issues are forgotten or slip through the cracks. It is our entire business to keep your commercial roof in great working order every year. Every time there is work to be done on your commercial building, we will conduct a thorough inspection first. Our specialists know what to look for while conducting this inspection. We can inspect any commercial roofing system.

Call Us Today

If your commercial building is located in or near the Reed City, MI area then we are the company for you. Empire Contractors wants to assist you. Every person on our team has gone through rigorous training and has all the correct paperwork. You can call on us night or day for commercial roofing assistance, starting with a roof inspection, at (231) 861-7221. We look forward to conducting a thorough roof inspection for your commercial building as well as building that professional relationship with you.