Concerning Flat Roof Replacement

Flat Roof Replacement1

A flat roof is different in many ways from other roofing systems. However, just like any other roofing system it will eventually need to be replaced. If your flat roof commercial building is in the Holland, MI area, and needs a flat roof replacement call us. We will get your roof replaced professionally. At Empire Contractors, we do things the right way every time. Call us on (231) 861-7221.


Replacing a roof is stressful, there is no other way to put it. However, with the right commercial roofing company it can be less stressful, and more educational. Depending on how much information you want and how much you want to participate, we can teach you a significant amount about your roof. With a roof replacement you get to decide which materials you want used as well as (if applicable) the color of the roof. All of which you cannot do without replacing your roof. It can give your building an entirely fresh look to it. As well as allowing your building to be in a much more stable state of being.


Flat Roof Replacement

Materials can make or break a roof. Let us break it down, a roof, no matter the type, has layers to it. If any of the layers are made with subpar materials, then it becomes a weak point and a stressor for the rest of the roofing materials and the struts. This can have a few different outcomes. One of which is it allows areas of your roof to leak, causing issues inside your walls and in your attic area. Another issue is it gives mice and bugs an easy access point into your building. This does not seem like a big deal until you realize the damage these critters cause. Mice are known for using insulation for nesting in, they will chew through wires (causing electrical fires) and their feces caries diseases. Insects such as termites love to eat wood as it is their primary source nutrients. Thus, they put your entire structure at risk, when given enough time.

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When you have a building with a flat roof. You want flat roof professionals handling the commercial flat roof replacement. Flat roofs are one of our specialties. For those buildings in Holland, MI, you can have our experts on your roof quickly. Call us at Empire Contractors by dialing (231) 861-7221.