Roof Coating – Holland, Michigan

If your commercial roof has been suffering through multiple repairs or even if it is new, there is a service that can help your roof last longer and stay in excellent condition. This service is called roof coating. If you own a commercial building in the Holland, MI area, then you should call our experts at Empire Contractors today by dialing (231) 861-7221.

The Coating Process

The coating process starts when you call our experts. Our customer service team will gather your basic information and set you up with a time to have your roof inspected. This is so we know what your roof needs and so we utilize the correct coating for your commercial roof materials. Once this portion has been completed, we will have firsthand knowledge of what is wrong with your roof and can offer the perfect solution for it. This is usually a roof coating. Once you have time to thoroughly go through the estimate that we provide you with, we will create a contract that will be signed by us and you. This contract is binding and will clearly state the service we are providing for your roof as well as the price that you will pay once the work has been completed. The next two steps are as follows we set up a time and date that works best for you so we may do this task, we then thoroughly clean your roof. Once these two steps are completed, we can then begin adding the thin layers of the coating. We must let each layer fully cure before adding the next layer. This ensures that there is not any moisture trapped against your roofing materials causing the materials to degrade quicker.

A Few of the Benefits

A roof coating will protect your roofing system whether it is a new roof or one that has been on your building for a few years. A roof coating is also utilized to restore a failing roof. One benefit is the reflective ability of the coating. This will reflect the rays away from your building. Allowing your building to stay cooler while it also seals and protects your roofing materials allowing them to last a few years longer than they would on their own. These are just a few of the benefits of adding a roof coating.

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To add your commercial roof, reach out to our experts at Empire Contractors and ask about roof coating. If your building is in the Holland, MI area then dial our number (231) 861-7221 and ask about the benefits of the roof coating.