Flat Roof Repair – Rockford, MI


If you are hoping to get in touch with a roofing company that is always reliable for first class roofing services, call Empire Contractors at (231)-861-7221. We’re really the only team that anyone in Rockford, MI would need when it comes to commercial roofing services. Working on flat roofs is one of our specialties. We can help with a roof inspection, flat roof repair, and more!

Roof Inspections

To avoid more serious flat roof problems from developing, it’s always a good idea to schedule roof inspections regularly. With a team like Empire Contractors staying up to date with the condition of your flat roof, its condition will be maintained for significantly longer. We’ll see exactly what your flat roof needs, and figure out what we can do to prevent future problems from developing.

Flat Roof Repair and Restoration


In many cases, the best route for a flat roof can be a bit unclear. People are often stuck deciding between investing more money into their existing roof and having it replaced altogether. If you are unsure, the roofing specialists at Empire Contractors are prepared to help. We will view your roof and figure out the best plan of attack, whether it’s a flat roof repair, roof restoration, or a flat roof replacement.

We try to restore flat roofs whenever possible. That’s because restoring a flat roof with a roof coating will help maximize the value of the roofing materials that have already been installed onto your roof. By keeping your existing roof in great condition, you can avoid needing to replace it anytime soon!

Flat Roof Replacements Services

If your flat roof has started to sprout issues on a regular basis, a flat roof replacement might be in order. If we feel that we can not effectively repair or restore your flat roof, we’ll give you an estimate on a flat roof replacement. Over the years, we’ve shown the that the flat roofs we install are built to last!

Call Us Today!

A leaking flat roof needs attention as soon as possible. The team at Empire Contractors is quick to get out to people to help get their commercial roofs back to being completely watertight. Set up a flat roof repair by giving us a call today at (231)-861-7221.