Single-Ply Roofing – Manistee, MI


If you have a single-ply roofing system keeping your commercial or industrial building protected in the Manistee, MI area, you can be confident that the professional roofers at Empire Contractors will help it stay in great condition season after season. There are several types of single-ply roofing systems and they all do incredibly well in our climate. With routine maintenance and repairs, you could see your roof protect your building properly for years, ideally even decades! At Empire Contractors, we know what it takes to keep your roof performing properly and our extensive list of services and solutions is sure to get your roof what it needs! Trust your roof to the experts that know how to get it the specialized care it needs, give us a call anytime at (231) 861 – 7221.

Single-Ply Roofing: Protection You Can Trust


With Empire Contractors, you will always have complete protection that you can trust. We know how important your roof is to the protection of your building and we have done the research to ensure we are bringing you long-lasting, dependable products. Whether you are looking to have a new single-ply roof installed or if your current one needs repairs or services, we will make sure it’s fit to last. From TPO and PVC to EPDM (rubber), our roofers are knowledgeable in all types of roofs and will handle yours appropriately every step of the way.

If it’s time for a new roof and you’re looking at your single-ply roofing options, we know it can be more than a little overwhelming! While options are a great thing to have, it can be hard to know you are choosing the best roof for your needs. We’re here to help! We will work closely (albeit virtually) with you and make sure your new roof is ready to keep you protected for the long term. Call today and you can be sure your roofing needs will be heard!

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Trust your roof to the specialists at Empire Contractors that know how to get it what it needs, from single-ply roofing systems to metal and more, we are knowledgeable about all roofing types and will make sure yours is ready to last! We are proud to bring superior services to the Manistee, MI area and we’re always here for you! Reach out today at (231) 861 – 7221.