Rubber Roof Repair North Muskegon MI

As an essential component to your business, your roof is the main layer of protection for your equipment, inventory, and staff. Your workplace could be damaged or destroyed by the power of Mother Nature if your roof is not in proper condition. If you have a rubber roof (also known as an EPDM roof) that is need of repairs, call the rubber roof repair experts at Empire Contractors. We’re ready to help your North Muskegon, MI property resolve your roofing issues promptly!

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Common Rubber Roof Issues

Every roofing substrate is prone to different issues. Some of the most common problems that rubber roofs face includes:

Separating Seams – Over time, the seams of your rubber roof can separate, causing issues like leaking.

Ponding Water – After rain you may notice some water that sits on your roof. If there are still puddles of water on the surface 48 hours after the rain has passed it can begin to deteriorate your rubber roofing membrane.

Punctures and Tears – Many different things can puncture or tear the membrane of your rubber roof. Some of the most common reasons are high foot traffic, over-hanging limbs, storm damage, or other debris.

Membrane Shrinkage – Over the course of your roofs lifespan it is constantly exposed to nature. This includes the temperature fluctuations between the harsh summer months and frigid winter months. This can cause your membrane to shrink.

Other Leaks – Your rubber roof can have various problems that cause water infiltration into your facility. It is imperative to have a professional contractor, like our team at Empire Contractors, repair the issue immediately to stop the leak. If it isn’t handled quickly, you could have problems with mold, damaged insulation, structural problems, foundation issues, and more.

Call for Rubber Roof Repair Estimate

If you are experiencing any of the follow issues, or something else out of the ordinary, on your roofing unit, please call 231-861-7221. We will be happy to provide you with trusted rubber roof repair solutions for your North Muskegon, MI property.