Roof Inspection Gaylord, MI

Before the specialists at Empire Contractors fix your roof, they will want to do a roof inspection before anything. We provide a large amount of commercial roofing services to our customers in Gaylord, MI. After our crew inspects your roof, they will know just what the problem is and how to correct it, they will also talk to you about what is necessary to correct your roof’s problems. This may be a couple things like a replacement, repair work, or a restoration. Contact us today at (231) 861-7221 and learn more about how we can assist.

Roof Restorations

Getting your roof back into its best form is something our team can do very well. Our team restores roofs with our very high quality roof coatings. This will improve your roof’s current condition and will make your building and roof more energy efficient.

In-Depth Leak Detection

During a roof inspection, it is our teams job to look for any problems on your roof, so we know what does and doesn’t need help. Our commercial roofing experts are highly experienced in spotting leaks in a commercial roof. Our crew will spot a leak in your commercial roof and fix it as soon as they can. With our team inspecting your roof regularly, your roof will stay on your building and have great success for many years.

Setting up a few roof inspections per year from Empire Contractors is an amazing way to save a large chunk of money. Our team will know when your commercial roof is in need of maintenance, a coating, and many other things. Our cost effective and timely commercial roofing services will steady your roofs current condition. They will also stop a lot of problems from randomly showing up.

Why Empire Contractors?

When talking about commercial roofing companies the quality won’t be the same everywhere you go. Commercial roofing is a tough industry and takes a lot of experience before you can be at the top. For 20+ years the crew at Empire Contractors have been providing their services to customers in Gaylord, Michigan. Getting help from our team is easy, all you need to do is call (231) 861-7221 to schedule a roof inspection.