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Your home is your retreat in gorgeous Mackinaw City, Michigan, where the Great Lakes meet beautiful scenery. In the roofing world, an unsung hero shields your haven from the elements: roof coating. Empire Contractors is here to help you protect your roof against Michigan’s constantly changing weather and extend its lifespan. Call 231-861-7221 to get in touch with our team of roofing specialists. Let’s now go on a quest to learn more about the amazing world of roof coating and how it can protect your Mackinaw City, MI, house.

What is a Roof Coating?

Giving your roof a roof coating, sometimes referred to as roof restoration or roof sealing, is like giving it a shield with superpowers. It entails coating your current roofing material with a protective layer to improve performance and lengthen longevity. What can this hero do for you, and when is it needed?

What Occasions Call for a Roof Coating?

In the following situations, roof coating becomes necessary:

Aging Roofs: A roof coating can revitalize a roof that is displaying wear and tear due to aging.

Minor Damage: A roof coating can offer a cost-effective remedy for minor leaks, cracks, or surface damage.

Energy Efficiency: To make your home more energy-efficient and spend less on cooling, particularly in the hot summers in Michigan.

UV Protection: Protect your roof from the sun’s harmful rays to avoid early aging.

The Timeline and Procedure

Roof Coating Mackinaw City MI

The procedure of coating a roof is simple and relatively rapid. The length of time depends on the size and condition of your roof and is usually a matter of a few days. Here is a brief explanation:

Inspection: To find any problems that need to be fixed, Empire Contractors’ professionals will first inspect your roof.

Cleaning: Any existing coatings, filth, and debris are carefully removed from the roof.

Repairs: Minor fixes are made, such as sealing cracks and taking care of damaged areas.

Primer: A primer may be used to ensure that the roof coating adheres properly.

Roof Coating Application: The roof coating is applied uniformly across the entire surface using specialized equipment.

Curing: The coating usually takes a day or two to cure and harden.

Final assessment: Following the complete curing of the coating, a final inspection is carried out to ensure everything is in working order.

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Protecting your home is essential in the breathtaking beauty of Mackinaw City, Michigan. Your roofing ally, Empire Contractors, is here to unleash the tremendous power of roof coating. Call us at 231-861-7221 right away, and let us be the stewards of the durability and strength of your roof. With the help of our roof coating services, you may have a house that is resistant to the elements without sacrificing the breathtaking Great Lakes vistas. Now is the time to empower your roof with Empire Contractors.