Managing an existing roof warranty

Roof warranties are important to the long-term life of your commercial roof and the
building. A roof warranty is a phenomenal way to protect yourself but it’s essential that
you keep your roof warranty valid, or else you may end up paying for repairs out of
Last week I was on a roof that was about 10 years old. After inspecting it, I found out it
was under warranty with a manufacturer that we weren’t certified through. I had to
explain to the customer that if we touched the roof, it would void his warranty. I
recommended that he call the contractor that installed it, or call the manufacturer
directly and recommend a certified installer to help them.
Here at Empire Contractors, our staff works with customers on their new or existing
warranties daily. Click the link below to read how Empire puts its customer’s warranties first.

The Cheaper Bid: Is it a good choice?

But what can happen to cause your warranty to become void and how
are you to know?

Below, I’ll go over a few types of commercial roof warranties and what can cause your
roof warranty to become void.



When you have a new roof system installed, you will have a few warranty options.
● Contractor’s Workmanship Guarantee – A contractor workmanship guarantee
is issued by the contractor or company that installed the roof on your facility.
Workmanship warranties typically cover the cost of labor and materials for the
necessary repairs and last from one to ten years depending on the contractor.

● Manufacturer’s Material Warranty – A manufacturer product warranty is issued
by the company that manufactures the materials used by your contractor. These
warranties cover any failures or defects in the materials used and are only issued
after the contractor installs the materials

● Manufacturer’s Full System Warranty – A full system warranty that is provided
by the material manufacturer and covers not only the material used, but it will
also cover the flashings and other accessories used for the roof system. The
costs for the labor to replace the materials are also included.


If your roof warranty becomes void you are responsible for any cost to repair the
damage. Similar to a car warranty, you must adhere to the manufacturer’s stipulations
for them to honor the warranty. If the engine blows, but you don’t keep up on your oil
change and service, you won’t be eligible for the warranty coverage. It is the same
concept with roofs.

Work on Mechanical Roof Equipment

Most commercial buildings have mechanical units or penetrations on the roof surface.
Things like:

● Drains
● Gas Lines
● HVAC units
● Skylights
● Pipes
● Stanchions
● Vents
● Roof hatch

When installation, removal, or repairs need to be done on these types of roof
penetrations, you should call your roof contractor to make sure that there is no damage
done to the roofing system. Your contractor may come out to re-seal the penetration or
advise on how to protect your roof during the project.
If you were to have any mechanical work done on your roof, without consulting your
roofing contractor and the work causes damage to the roof system, then your warranty
will be voided, and you may have to pay out of pocket for the repairs.

Excess Traffic or Misuse on the Roof

Some roofs double as outdoor space with patients or pathways, or even restaurants and
bars. These roofs are specifically designed to support foot traffic and other use without
causing damage. If your commercial roof is used in a way it was not designed for, you
might cause serious damage.
This means using walkway pads as available when accessing the roof and avoiding
using the roof in ways that it was not designed for. Damage is not covered by your

warranty when you are misusing your roof, and you will have to pay out of pocket for

Be sure products and work are approved by

If your roof does have a leak or other damage, it’s very important to stay within your
warranty to resolve the problem. If your contractor uses the wrong materials or
methods, the work may not be covered by the warranty.
Another thing to keep in mind is who you hire to do the work on your roof. If a contractor
that is not listed on the warranty makes repairs or changes to your roof system, any
leaks or damage due to their work will not be covered by your warranty, it may void the
existing warranty on your roof, and you will have to pay out of pocket for repairs.

A commercial roof warranty is only as good as the roof installation. At Empire
Contractors, we take pride in the new roofs we install and the maintenance we provide
in the commercial roofing industry.
With Empire Contractors, you will experience service that is relationship-based. Our
services are flexible and diverse. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can recoat,
repair or replace your facility’s roof so that it lasts decades. Give us a call today at
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