Flat Roof Replacement – Portland, MI

Flat Roof Replacement1

Flat roofs need to be replaced more often than any other roofing type. If your building is in Portland, MI, we at Empire Contractors have a flat roof replacement service that will have a new roof on your building in a timely manner. Call us today (231) 861-7221. Your roof replacement is in excellent hands with us.

A New Roof

Throughout our years in the construction industry, one of the primary reasons behind our rising fame has been our constant use of superior roofing materials throughout each of our roofing jobs, and this is not limited to just flat roof replacement. With our use of quality materials in combination with our skills, your roof will last for decades. A new roof will make your building look newer and up to date. You get to choose the materials that are used and to some degree what color it is when it is finished.

Other excellent choices

Flat Roof Replacement

Mother nature has a way of showing us that even a roof cannot withstand her force. You can get some help to cope with elements in the form of a roof coating. A roof coating is a great alternative to a full tear-off and roof replacement. It can set your roof up for a long and successful lifespan. When your roof is in bad shape and cannot be fixed, a full tear-off and roof replacement is the only option left.

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Is your commercial flat roof in Portland, MI causing you issues lately? Well, then for the continued protection of your business premises, you need to have your commercial roof replaced. Do you need to have your commercial flat roof replaced? Then you are searching for a professional company that will not only do the job correctly but will not cut corners at the same time. The magnitude of a flat roof replacement as well as the costs that are associated with it can be overwhelming. However, we at Empire Contractors strive to make sure that you are given the best quality roof replacement service at a reasonable price to ensure your building is kept in top shape. If your commercial building is in the surrounding area of Portland, MI, feel free to contact us at (231) 861-7221 for more details or to get us started! We will make sure that your new roof will be everything you need and want.