Flat Roof Replacement Plainwell, MI

Ready to get a brand-new flat roof? If you would like to receive a free estimate on a flat roof replacement, give the team at Empire Contractors a call at (231) 578-4760. We are the lead option for anyone in Plainwell, MI. We’ll sort out what your building needs and go through the options with you!

Flat Roof Experts

It takes years to master flat roofs. The craftsmen at Empire Contractors have this kind of flat roof experience and bring their expertise with them to each project. This is how we have continued to grow our reputation in the state of Michigan! Our prices are competitive with other roofing companies in the area and yet we offer superior craftsmanship, phenomenal customer support, and timely commercial roofing services!

Certified Installers

Roofs can cost a significant amount of money, especially when they are installed incorrectly! To avoid future headaches, choose our certified installers to replace your commercial roof. Our roofers continue to show that they can be relied on for high-quality services and timely project completion!

The roofers at Empire Contractors have been solving flat roof problems for decades! Our company is able to help the people of Michigan with a very wide range of custom roofing solutions! No matter what your flat roof needs, our team will find the best path.

Roof Restoration

It’s not always clear when a roof should be replaced or when it makes more financial sense to attempt to restore or repair a roof. With Empire Contractors, our team will always be able to recognize when a roof can be saved with a new roof coating. If we notice that a roof coating can restore your commercial roof, we can give you a quote on the project. A new roof coating can help a roof last several additional years!

Call Us Today!

If you have a commercial building in Plainwell, MI that needs a flat roof replacement, Empire Contractors is just a quick call away at (231) 578-4760! We will have your new roof installed correctly so that it can protect your building for decades! In the years that follow, you can reach out to us again for roof inspections and maintenance.