Commercial Roofing Services – Portage, Michigan

Commercial Roofing Services1

Fast response times, superb craftsmanship, and experienced roofing specialists are all things you can depend on when you choose Empire Contractors. For top quality commercial roofing services in the Portage, MI area, you can count on our experienced team. You can get a roof inspection and an estimate by contacting our team at 231-861-7221.

Roof Inspections

Thorough roof inspections are the bread and butter of a good roofing company. Our roofing specialists are exceptional at finding the parts of a commercial roof that are lacking, and then recovering its condition with the appropriate solutions. A roof inspection is the first step in the process towards getting a roof that you can count on once again.

Roof Coatings

Commercial Roofing Services

There are lot of incentives to choose a roof coating as a solution for your roof. Roof coatings are great at lessening utility costs and improving a roof’s surface to prevent it from leaking from things like punctures, seam separation, and more. Empire Contractors has been using roof coatings to patch up roofs and keep them going strong for years!

Roof Replacements

For roof replacements from Empire Contractors, contact our team for an estimate. When you have the roofers at Empire Contractors taking care of your property’s roof replacement, the whole thing will go smoothly, and it will result in your building being fully set up with a long-lasting roof that is ready to protect you for decades!

Commercial Roofing Experts

When you need roofers for a commercial roofing project, it’s best to choose ones who specialize in these kinds of roofs, since they can be quite a lot different from residential roofs. Commercial roofs are often subjected to heavier foot traffic, equipment installations, and varying weather conditions. Different materials are used on commercial roofs, such as single-ply roofing, in order to stay protected under these types of conditions. The commercial roofing experts at Empire Contractors will be there to help with anything your roof may need. We have decades of experience and continue to prove our ability time and time again!

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For commercial roofing services that are held to the highest of standards, business owners in the Portage, MI, area can lean on the proven professionals at Empire Contractors. We have a “roof it once” mindset and work hard to complete projects correctly on the first visit to save our clients time and money. Our veteran roofers bring decades of experience to the table and won’t leave your building until you are satisfied with the quality of work. Just call 231-861-7221 for an inspection!