All About a Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection1

A roof inspection is crucial to maintaining your commercial roof. There are several reasons for this, including timely completion of all necessary repairs, leak detection, as well as deciding between repair, restoration, and replacement. Regular roof inspections can also lower your insurance and warranty costs. According to OSHA, your roof should be inspected at least twice a year. Are you located in St. Joseph, MI? Contact Empire Contractors today to schedule an inspection for your commercial roof. Our phone number is (231) 861-7221.

Reasons for a Roof Inspection

An inspection will reveal all the issues your roof has, bringing to light the repairs your roof needs and finding any possible leaks. It will also dictate what steps we will take in order to get your roof back to its original state. It helps us determine whether we should do repairs, a restoration, or if a roof replacement is needed. Insurance companies give discounts to their customers that get inspections twice a year. Not having these inspections will invalidate any guarantee we provide to redo our work as well as the manufacturers’ guarantees on their products.

The Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection2

When you contact us, we will schedule a day and time that works best for you. Of course, the sooner we perform the inspection, the better. On the day of the inspection, we will call to make sure that it still works with your schedule, as we understand things can come up unexpectedly. Once we are there, we will chat with you to gather more information on what you have noticed. Then we look at your ceiling and check for signs of leaks. Next, we will go outside to inspect your drainage system to ensure it is not blocked or loose. Finally, we’ll climb onto your roof to conduct a full inspection. We look over every inch of your roof. The person conducting the inspection will write down all findings. After they are done, they will then provide an estimate that includes their findings as well as other vital information, such as cost and timelines.

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Has your roof been inspected recently? Or has it been a while? Let us get your commercial roof back on track with a thorough roof inspection. We at Empire Contractors would like to assist you with your roof inspection. If your building is in St. Joseph, MI, call us now (231) 861-7221.