Everything About A Roof Coating

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A roof coating is a layer of protection for your roof. However, it has an additional benefit, which is helping to lower your utility costs. It is a way to restore your roof instead of replacing it. Is your commercial building in St. Joseph, MI? Are you looking to give your roof a boost? Empire Contractors is the team to call. Call us today at (231) 861-7221.

How a Roof Coating Can Help You

Many commercial buildings undergo a roof replacement earlier than expected. With a roof coating, you can extend the life of your roof. The coating has a naturally reflective surface that keeps the sun’s rays from warming your building. This can reduce your utility costs by half! These savings can go right into your pocket. The coating is a thin layer of acrylic or silicone that is sprayed on your roof and allowed to fully cure. You decide how thick you would like it to be. We allow each layer to cure before we spray the next layer. This seals your roof, protecting it from the elements.

Additional Roof Coating Benefits

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Applying a roof coating will reduce interruptions to your business. You will not have to shut down your business while the roof is being removed and replaced. This also means there are no disposal or landfill costs to you. It will also lower your cost for the labor. In addition, maintenance for a coating is much less than for a repair. All of these benefits mean savings for you. You get to continue running your business while your roof receives the protection it needs. This lets you focus on growing your business instead of on your roof.

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A roof coating will help reduce stress. Removing and replacing a roof is both costly and time-consuming. You may have to close your business while the replacement is being performed. All this adds more stress to business owners. A roof coating requires a smaller crew, fewer materials, and less maintenance. You’ll be able to keep your business open while we apply your roof coating. All of these factors significantly reduce stress for commercial building owners. Empire Contractors knows how to properly apply a roof coating to your commercial building. If your building is in St. Joseph, MI, call (231) 861-7221. Call us today and we’ll help make your roof maintenance stress-free.