Rubber Roof Repair – St Joseph, MI

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There are few roofing companies in Michigan that have the proper tools and knowledge to manage a task such as a rubber roof repair. However, if your rubber roof is in St. Joseph, MI, Empire Contractors is one of those few companies that have both. A rubber roof that is repaired correctly will last longer. If it is not, then you may face more problems in the future. Here at Empire Contractors, we believe your rubber roof should be fixed correctly the first time. Contact us at (231) 861-7221 to learn more!

Our Extensive Rubber Roof Repair Knowledge

We have been in the rubber roofing industry for over two decades. Our intimate knowledge of rubber roofing has made us the best rubber roofing company in Michigan. We will repair your roof accurately the first time. Does it need to be replaced? Not a problem, we can do that as well. Is it leaking? We can fix the leak so you can continue with your normal business operations. Every time we work on a roof, we demonstrate our knowledge of the materials we work with and the intricate ways they interact with your roof.

Our Tools

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Throughout the decades, we have upgraded the tools we use for rubber roof repairs. When there are new tools in our industry, we receive proper training to use them correctly before working with them. Our tools are an extension of ourselves; therefore, after training, we practice using them until we are comfortable with how they work. We only begin using these new tools on your roof after all this has been completed. If we do not take these steps beforehand, then we risk causing more damage to your roof or injuring one of our crew members. Of course, we don’t want either of these things to happen – this is why we choose to be cautious!

Call Today

If your rubber roof needs repairs, call Empire Contractors to solve your problems quickly. You are always in control of what repairs are done to your roof. If you would like a second opinion on something another contractor has told you, please call us at (231) 861-7221. We would love to provide our expert opinion and give you peace of mind. If your commercial building is in St. Joseph, MI, trust Empire Contractors for your rubber roof repairs.