Rubber Roof Repair Hastings, MI

Have a commercial building in Hastings, MI with a rubber roof? Whenever you are in need of a roofing contractor that can provide a timely rubber roof repair, Empire Contractors has your back! Call us at (231) 578-4760 for help from our experienced roofing technicians. We’ll deliver quality solutions to any of your rubber roof’s problems!

Roof Inspections

If your commercial building has a rubber roof, choose Empire Contractors to keep it in top condition! We can provide roof inspections that will lead to timely roof repairs and will prevent your roof from deteriorating as quickly. Our roof leak detection is extremely thorough, and we will be able to deliver effective solutions to any of your rubber roof’s problems!

Rubber Roof Experts

We specialize in commercial roofing, which means we deal with our fair share of rubber roofs. There isn’t much that could surprise the experienced roofing technicians at Empire Contractors. They always sort out a cost-effective solution that keeps people’s buildings dry and protected for years to come!

There are some common problems on rubber roofs that our roofing specialists are used to dealing with. This includes punctures, tears, and cracks in the membrane, along with seam separation and ponding water. Regardless of what is causing your rubber roof to leak, our crew will get to the bottom of things quickly!

Decades of Experience!

Established over twenty years ago, Empire Contractors is not a roofing company that has popped up out of nowhere. Instead, we are the kind of company you can count on because of our long track record and excellent reputation in the state of Michigan. We continue to deliver top quality roofing solutions and look forward to helping more people save big on their roofs!

Call Us Today!

When your commercial building needs a rubber roof repair, the roofers at Empire Contractors are always prepared to help! If your building requires a commercial roofing contractor in Hastings, MI, just call us at (231) 578-4760. Our roofers have years of roofing experience and will find the best way to keep your rubber roof intact. Our roofing specialists look forward to showing that they are still the best choice for flawless roofing services!