Rubber Roof Repair – Coldwater, MI

A rubber roof repair is not something easy that any property owner can perform. There are several things to take into consideration when your rubber roof needs repairs. That is why it is best to leave this large task to a professional team of experts. Empire Contractors in Coldwater, MI, has the experience necessary to complete the task appropriately and in a timely manner. Call us today at 231-861-7221 for more information!

Brief History

Rubber was first used in the late 18th century, but it was not until the 1960s that rubber began to be used as a roofing material. It became much more popular in the 70s and 80s, partly due to the Middle East oil embargo. In addition to raising the cost of asphalt roofs, the asphalt that was available was of lower quality.

Why Rubber is Widely Utilized

Once property owners began using rubber roofs, more people began to realize that this roofing material was great at preventing leaks. This helped reduce maintenance costs for building owners. There was no longer any need to replace a commercial building’s roof once a year, as was customary in that time.

Rubber is a lighter material than most other roofing materials. This is great for the structure of your building, as it puts less stress on your walls and foundation.

To repair a rubber roof, the rubber must be heated to the correct temperature before being rolled onto the area. If it is not heated properly, then the roof will look sloppy. If it is overheated, it will slide off and create a mess on the ground. There is also the risk of injury if not completed properly.

The high-quality rubber that we use in our repairs helps protect your roof for many years to come. When we repair your rubber roof, you will not be able to see the difference between the area we repaired and the rest of your roof!

We specialize in performing seamless and inconspicuous repairs. This allows your roof to look like new without the high cost.

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If your rubber roof needs repairs, do not wait! Performing those repairs now will save you money and time in the future. If your building is in Coldwater, MI, call Empire Contractors today at 231-861-7221!