Roof Inspection – Holland, MI

A professional roof inspection is a service that is sadly too commonly overlooked by commercial and industrial building owners and managers. When many commercial roofs are installed, the company performing the installation believes the job is done and doesn’t inform the customer of the crucial maintenance needs. When you choose to work with Empire Contractors, whether we’ve installed your roof or not, we will make sure you know the proper steps to take to allow your roof to last for decades. Commercial roofs were designed with longevity in mind and with the proper care, they can protect your building for decades. At Empire Contractors, we have professional roofers that offer thorough inspections that will ensure no issue on your roof will go unfound. If you have a commercial roof that needs assistance in Holland, MI, give us a call at (231) 861 – 7221.

Inspect to Save

Industry recommendations are to have two annual roof inspections performed, preferably in the spring and fall as the winter and summer are usually the hardest seasons on your roof. Having an inspection after any major weather event is also important to make sure any damage is caught immediately. When you have your roof regularly inspected, you will be able to avoid large, costly repairs as our team will find any problems right away before they’re able to spread. This saves you money and stress and helps to keep your roof in the desired condition season after season. With spring quickly approaching, it’s a great time to reach out to us with any questions about the condition of your roof or to set up an inspection.

We’re Here for You

Commercial roofing requires professionalism and knowledge to ensure the proper steps and services are performed. Any service that your roof needs, no matter how small, should always be completed by a professional roofing company and that is something you can trust in when you call the team at Empire Contractors. We bring the needed expertise to every roof we work on and we start every job the same way, with a thorough roof inspection. This helps us to be certain that your roof gets exactly what it needs. If you need service in Holland, MI, reach out to us at (231) 861 – 7221, we’re always here to help you with your commercial roofing needs.