Roof Coating that You Can Rely On

Whether your business roof is relatively new or has had a lot of repairs, roof coating is a way to preserve its quality and lengthen its lifespan. Do not hesitate to contact our professionals at Empire Contractors if you are the owner of a business building in the Grandville, Michigan, region. Just give (231) 861-7221 a call to find out more about our offerings.

Process of Roof Coating

The coating process initiates with your call to our experts. Our customer service team will gather your essential information and schedule a roof inspection at your convenience. This inspection is crucial for determining the specific needs of your roof and selecting the appropriate coating for the materials used in your commercial roofing system. Once this phase is completed, we gain firsthand knowledge of your roof’s condition and can propose the ideal solution, often involving a roof coating. We begin by drafting a contract that details the services to be performed on your roof and the associated cost, once you’ve had enough time to examine the estimate that was supplied. Once both parties have signed this agreement, it will be enforceable.

The next steps are to clean your roof properly and arrange a convenient time and date for the service to be completed. Following these preparatory measures, we begin the application of the coating in thin layers. Each layer must be allowed to fully cure before the next one is applied. This meticulous process ensures that no moisture becomes trapped against your roofing materials, which could otherwise accelerate their degradation.

Some Benefits of a Roof Coating

Whether your roofing system is brand-new or has been there for a while, applying a roof coating provides your roof with multiple layers of protection. Roof coatings are frequently used to revitalize a failing roof in addition to acting as a protective covering. Their ability to reflect light, which diverts it from your building, is one obvious benefit. In addition to preserving lower inside temperatures, protecting your roofing materials from intense heat also preserves and prolongs their lifespan. These are just a few of the many benefits you will get from adding a roof coating to your regular roofing maintenance schedule.

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To enhance the protection of your commercial roof, contact our specialists at Empire Contractors and inquire about roof coating services. If your property is located in the Grandville, Michigan area, simply dial (231) 861-7221 to learn more about the advantages of roof coating.