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Don’t stress over being told your commercial roof is due for replacement before finding out if a roof restoration is an option. At Empire Contractors, we are frequently called upon to give a second opinion for roofing issues and we’re happy to say that we can often help our customers put off a roof replacement for several years with our superior roof coating services. Roof coating systems, commonly known as roof restorations, continue to be one of our most common roofing services and with such an incredible list of benefits, it’s no surprise as to why. Roof restorations are far more affordable than full roof replacements, yet they offer many of the same advantages. Don’t replace your roof before finding out if you have options, Empire Contractors is here to provide honest roofing solutions! Reach out today at (231) 861 – 7221 for quality roofing services in Wayland, MI and the surrounding areas.

Roof Coating Systems


At Empire Contractors, while we work to make every service hassle free, sometimes, there’s no way around the slight disruption that a roof replacement can cause. With the tear off process, there are times that your day to day routine could be affected. A roof restoration allows you to avoid not only the tear off process, but the costly landfill fees as well! At Empire Contractors, our skilled roofing professionals will always deliver honest answers with your roof. If we believe a roof coating can help you get years extra from your existing roof, we’ll get to work cleaning and restoring your roof right away. If it is indeed time for a new roof on your building, we’ll make sure you get the one best fit for all your needs. Whatever your roofing needs are, you can be sure they’ll be taken care of when you have Empire Contractors at the ready to help.

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Help your roof succeed for decades as it was designed to and get it coated at the right time so it can always offer you confident, watertight protection. Empire Contractors is here to help you get the longest life possible from your roof in Wayland, MI and our roof coating services are an easy way we can continue to make this happen. Call today at (231) 861 – 7221.