Quality Is a Standard That Shouldn’t Be Compromised

Sometimes I get asked why our price is so much higher than another contractor or why we are doing the project a different way than another guy. The answer is always the same: “We are not that other guy.”

We have standards in our company that cannot be ignored or stepped around. That’s how we can be sure that we have a less than 2% call back rate. We use standards and methods that are proven and stick to them.

A good example is when a customer calls and wants us to quote a metal roof. Almost every time, our competition will quote it with the metal being installed over the shingles. No tear off. However, we always recommend tear off down to the wood on a home. We want to see the condition of the wood deck. The underlayments such as ice and water shield and synthetic felts are designed to be applied to the roof deck. And we are concerned on how the degradation of the shingles under the steel will affect the metal over time.

If I’m going to stand behind the systems we install for years to come, I have to be confident in the application methods we are using. And that means letting some jobs go to the competition because the customer doesn’t want to do it the right way.