Apples to Oranges: What am I really buying?


When you get estimates for a new transmission on your car, do you ever wonder if the mechanic is quoting you the same quality product as the guy across town? Or when you sign up for a new phone plan, do you wonder if you are getting the same coverage and the same abilities with it that the other guy offered?

Unless you spent days brushing up on your mechanical knowledge or have a tech savvy nephew to help you, I’m sure the thought crossed your mind. But what is a consumer to do? Especially when looking to spend thousands of dollars on a new roof. How do you know that the ice and water shield is of the same quality across the board (if you even know what ice and water shield is). How do you know the ridge vent you choose is right. Or the installation method they are using is recommended or warrantied.

The good news is you can know. You just have to ask. But more than that, a good roofing company will have a representative that can help you look for what best fits your needs by helping you with what questions to ask. He will want to know the history of the roof, an idea of what budget your working with, the style you like, and what worries you might have going into a project. His quote also should be very detailed about the work they will be doing.

If you find the salesman is dodging your questions, or saying, “It’s not that big of deal”, probe a little further. If one company is offering a little better grade of product, ask the others my it’s different.

More often than not the customer doesn’t know what products are good or bad. So be sure to get the roofer to explain what he selling you and why.