Keeping a business presence in your community


Roofers like warm weather. That’s just a fact. And around November in Michigan, the majority of roofing crews pack it up and hibernate until the spring thaw.

The problem with that is the community you live or work in doesn’t see you around for 3-4 months. If you have signs on your trucks and trailers and also use yard signs, thats basically free advertising you are forfeiting.

The other problem is customers still have roof problems that need addressed in the winter. Ice back ups, snow loads, wind damage, new builds.  They will not wait. They will call another company to come out and help them.

I get it. Production is slower. It’s just no fun working in the cold snow and ice. It’s harder on the tools. It’s less safe. However, I’ve found that keeping brand recognition as a priority, I can provide a better service to my customer year around.  And our employees appreciate having a full time job, even when colder.