Roofers and fall protection


We at Empire understand that the greatest assets we have are our skilled employees. The most critical injury on a roofing job site is falling. It is also the injury that the employee has the most exposure to since they are on the roof the majority of the project.  Empire uses safety equipment such as fall arrest equipment (harnesses), special underlayment with traction in mind, scaffolding, safe practices, and above all safety education.

How does this correlate to the customer? Empire has experienced both the joy of great employees and the trials of employess that are not team players, and this is the how it begins to make sense to a customer. Empire goes to great efforts to retain the Great ones, this means a multitude of offerings. Competetive wages, vacation time, friendly work environment, and most of all a safe work environment.  Employees even have direct input as to what could be more safe if the work environment changes.  The Great employees care about their customers, give tremendous effort and always look to go the extra mile for them. So, you can see the cycle turns back on its self quickly. We have to observe that all of these parts contribute to the whole of the Empire Experience and how we are the right company to choose when wondering who you should have take care of your roofing needs. The guy who doesn’t even know how to operate a safety harness or the company that makes safety a priority. It’s a question you should ask when hiring your next contractor.