Flat Roof Replacement FAQs answered!

For years, Empire Contractors has been a reputable roofing company in Grayling, MI. We specialize in flat roof replacement and other roofing services. Flat roofs are sturdy but need maintenance and repair when they age or are damaged. We take pride in our work and would happily assist you with a free quote once you contact us at 231-861-7221. This article discusses flat roof replacement, its importance, how often it’s needed, and Empire Contractors’ roof replacement timeline.

What is Flat Roof Replacement?

Flat roof replacement is a specialized service that revitalizes or upgrades flat roofs. Flat roofs are ubiquitous on commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Wear and tear, leaks and other symptoms of deterioration may require a total replacement. We provide complete flat roof replacement services to address these issues and secure your property.

How Often Should You Replace Your Flat Roof?

Flat Roof Replacement1

The kind of roofing material, environment, and installation quality affect how often a flat roof needs replacement. Common symptoms of flat roof replacement include:

  1. At the end of its lifespan: Most flat roofs last 10-25 years, depending on the material. Your roof should be replaced if it’s nearing its end.
  2. Constant repairs required: Consistent leaks or water infiltration indicate roofing issues. Repairs might be expensive and may indicate a replacement.
  3. Internal Damage: Cracks, cracking, and holes can damage your roof and require repair.
  4. Ponding Water: Standing water on a flat roof deteriorates it; hence, drainage is essential.
  5. Roofing Material Deterioration: When roofing material shows indications of wear and tear, the roof needs maintenance. This may include peeling, bubbling, or deterioration.

Complete Flat Roof Replacement Time

Flat Roof Replacement

The time required for a flat roof replacement project depends on the roof’s size, intricacy, and weather. To streamline replacement, we use a specific methodology. The average flat roof replacement timeline is as follows:

  1. Assessment: The roof is thoroughly assessed to start the process. Empire Contractors’ professionals will inspect the roof, detect issues, and recommend the best roofing system.
  2. Planning and Material Selection: After assessment, a detailed plan is produced. This involves choosing a roofing material based on durability, energy efficiency, and beauty.
  3. Prepare: Remove the roofing and check the structure for deterioration. As needed, repairs or adjustments occur.
  4. Installation: New roofing material is installed according to industry standards. This technique may include insulation, waterproofing, and roofing material.
  5. Finishing touches: Roof edges and features are sealed to prevent water damage. Install flashings and extra features as needed.

A flat roof replacement project can take a few days to weeks, depending on its complexity and any unexpected complications. We provide a durable, high-quality roof while minimizing disturbance.

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Your property’s structural integrity and preservation depend on flat roof replacement, and Empire Contractors in Grayling, MI, is your trusted roofing partner. To make informed property maintenance decisions, give us a call at 231-861-7221. We will efficiently and properly replace your flat roof, protecting your investment for years.