Flat Roof Repair Concerns

If your commercial building has a flat roof, you are among the millions of other business owners that have this popular roofing type. Although a flat roof can be several different substrates such as EPDM, PVC, TPO, and others, they are the most common type of roofing solution for commercial and industrial properties alike throughout the USA. While they are a great option, they also come with some common problems, mostly from water infiltration and other drainage issues, although weather plays a key role for flat roofs as well.

If your Kentwood, MI commercial or industrial building needs a professional to handle your flat roof repairs, give us at Empire Contractors a call at 231-861-7221.

Efficient and correct.

We know that when you are faced with problems with your flat roof, you want them managed quickly and with minimal disruption to your business. That is why our team is here to help you with your roof. We have been in the industry for over two decades and have seen it all and fixed every single issue we have encountered. This means that your flat roof will be repaired correctly the first time, so you will not have to keep calling commercial roofing companies about recurring repairs. When you work with our team at Empire Contractors, you can count on us to get your roof back to its peak condition with speed and the best materials.

Full-Service Contractor

When we are inspecting your roof and notice that there are more than just a few repairs, we will suggest other solutions that will better serve you. Extensive repairs can quickly add up, and there may be a more cost-efficient solution that we can suggest for your commercial roof. The good news is, as a full-service contractor, we will handle any type of roofing service you could need for your flat roof. including:

  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Roof restoration and coatings
  • Flat roof replacement

Roof maintenance

Whatever type of service your commercial roof requires for your Kentwood, MI property, our team has it covered. Do not worry, we handle repairs of all sizes and degrees of difficulty. Even if it is just a small leak, we want to get it fixed for you as quickly as possible to ensure it does not grow and cause more damage to your commercial or industrial building.

When you are ready to get all of your flat roof repairs fixed, please call 231-861-7221. We at Empire Contractors are ready to tackle your flat roof repair.