Commercial Roofing Contractor Montague, MI

Need a trusted commercial roofing contractor to help deliver a roofing solution? If you are in Montague, MI, get in touch with our roofing specialists today at (231) 861-7221. Empire Contractors will help get you an estimate on the project and provide expert consultation. Our seasoned roofing technicians can help with everything, such as roof repairs, roof coatings, and roof replacements!

Roof Inspections

When your roof needs to be looked at by experienced professionals, you can’t go wrong with the crew at Empire Contractors. Our roofers have been finding roof problems on commercial roofs for a long time and can be counted on for thorough roof leak detection. Call us for regular inspections and your roof will benefit from timely repairs and maintenance solutions.

Roof Replacements

Empire Contractors is the top company to reach out to when your building needs a new roof. A lot can go wrong during a roof replacement if inexperienced craftsmen are hired. To be sure that your commercial building gets a roof that will last, choose the experts at Empire Contractors to handle your roof replacement project.

Roof Restoration

Restoring your commercial roof can lead to a lot of money saved! At Empire Contractors, our team is excellent at recognizing when a commercial roof should be restored. We’ll be able to recommend the best time for a roof coating that will have your roof shedding water perfectly for many years longer. This seamless solution will also reduce energy costs!

Why Empire Contractors?

There are lots of things to think about before choosing a commercial roofing company for a project. However, for the people of Michigan, Empire Contractors makes the decision easy by offering top quality roof solutions at great prices. Our craftsmen have been trained professionally and have many years of construction experience under their belts!

Call Us Today!

When you are ready to speak with commercial roofing experts in Montague, MI, just call the Empire Contractors team at (231) 861-7221. Our roofing technicians can help with any sort of project. We’ll improve your roof’s condition and lengthen its lifespan for as long as possible! With our experts taking care of your commercial roof, you will get the most out of your investment!