Why just get certified? WHEN YOU CAN ALSO GAIN A NETWORK!

Even though roofers are one of the toughest breeds out there (eh hem masons,lol) we still get frustrated about some things. One of those is feeling like you have to go it alone when diving into a new market. How many of you:

A: Only shingle but want to do more
B. Do shingles and metal but want more
C. Do only residential but want more commercial
D. Or always sub, but you want to taste that real money the GC sees

I thought about all these at one time. Thats partly why I love this forum. Even though Ive been doing this for over 20 years, I still learn things from this page. But when I wanted to step into that next big role (years ago it was stepping into flat roofing with single ply) I only had my distributor to help me, and that help was limited and lacking.  Especially since my sales rep was not in the field so he couldn’t help me in the way that I needed.


Ive been involved with Conklin for over a year now and can say thats not the case, because they don’t have traditional sales reps with no field experience.  When I signed on with Conklin I had the privilege of getting involved with the Choice Roof Contractor Group https://www.choiceroofcontractors.com

Even though I had several years experience with coating and commercial, I now had a knowledgable group that I could draw on for expertise, advice, and aid. Ive even had experienced contractors fly in to help train me on new projects where I had limited experience. What else does this group do for me?


  • Sends me leads in my area. Since their site has some of the best SEO, thats alot.
  • Gives me access to their “invitation only”  FB page where I can network with over 100 other contractors about the same work, without competition.
  • Allows me to offer a “Lifetime Service Gaurantee” to the customer
  • Standards and Accountability that building owners can trust
  • Support from a nationwide group who share their trade secrets
  • Help on building a killer website

There are a lot of business opportunities out there and the roofing market changing everyday! But very few of these offer a support network like this. Believe me, I have benefitted from this group, as I am on the forum EVERY DAY.

However, you must get special training in order to join this group. I would love to show you how I did it (along with other stories and how they did it). The next training is November 16 and I will already be going to support some other new contractors.  It would be great to see you there.