5 Misconceptions About Metal Roofs

Metal has been a popular choice for roofing for some time, but has been gaining even more interest in the recent decade.  Metal roofs have been proven to withstand many climates for centuries. They are more durable, resilient, and eco-friendly than most any other systems.  Installing a metal roof can also enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home or business.  Even though there are many benefits, there are still many misconceptions in the market about metal roofs.  Relying on a professional roof contractor such as Empire Contractors can insure that you will get accurate information and avoid any pitfalls that may come with an inexperienced contractor. Let’s cover several of the myths that people have with metal roofing.

  • I will hear the rain on the metal. It will be loud.

This is a very common question, but Ive never had a customer actually hear the rain once the roof is finished. Metal roofs generally have underlayment, sheeting, and insulation under them, along with drywall or other wall covering. All these components work together and cancel out any if not all noise from the rain. This, however, does not mean you won’t hear acorns or hail.  An attic ventilation space also plays a part in sound deadening.

  • The metal will attract lightning

The probability of lightning striking depends on two factors : the chance of a strike, and its consequence.  Basically, no specific facts exist on “how to reduce the probability of a strike”.  One thing to remember when thinking of consequences of a lightning strike remember, metal is conductive. It offers low resistance to lightning and disperses it to the ground. Metal is also non-combustible in nature as opposed to wood and asphalt shingles. Metal won’t catch fire when struck.

  • A metal roof will mess with my phone signal

If you cell phone signal is good now, it won’t change with the addition of a meta roof. Most of us spend considerable time in businesses such as coffee shops, churches, and restaurants, which often have metal roofs.

  • A metal roof won’t add value to my home

Metal roofs are generally more expensive but more durable and resilient than asphalt shingles, which is people are favoring them more lately. According to Remodeling Magazine, homes renovated with standing seam metal roof systems offer a resale value of 1%-6% more than homes with asphalt shingles. Homes renovated with metal roofs help recapture almost 85.9% of their cost nationally, and 95.5% in eastern states.


Metal roofs are durable, resilient, beautiful, eco-friendly, safe, and perform much better than asphalt roofs.  If you are considering a new roof and wonder about the benefits of metal roofing, feel free to talk to a professional from Empire Contractors. Or call 231-861-7221.