No leaks!! For sure. But it should look good to!

Ive seen too many roofs lately that look, well, not that great. Just talking with a colleague yesterday about “proportions” on a metal roof.  Even though it is all the same color, gauge, part of the same system and all, the reveal lines and proportions should be consistent.


For example: We are doing a 70 SQ house that is mostly a steep pitch. The ridge cap is 7″x7″ instead of the usual 6″. The drip edge has 4″ reveal instead of the usual 3″. The wall flashing is 6″ instead the traditional 4″. At first glance they look large. But when you look at the perspective of how large the house is, how long the panel runs are, its more consistent with the house.

All this just to say, we care more about how we install a roof than its “waterproofness”, “straight lines” or even speed of completion. What really matters is that the roof we install is a compliment to the overall house, functionally and aesthetically.  After all, the roof we install is in some sense “the icing on the cake”!