When preparing quotes for customers I always have to explain that our ice and water shield is a different grade than most of our competitors.  They usually look at me as if to say,”Well I didn’t think about that. I didn’t know there were different grades!”   Just like there are different grades of washers and dryers as well as shoes, there are also different grades of roofing product.

From drip edge, felts, ice and water shield, to ridge vent, and just about every other component on the roof, you can buy cheap or buy quality. But how is a homeowner to know what is what?

The easiest way is to just ask what brands of each component they are using and why they are high quality, or why there might be something better.  You might even ask,”So if “X” product is better, why aren’t you quoting that?” If the answer is because its cheaper, explore the price difference and what value you are compromising with it.

Most roofers will try to win your project with the “lowest price wins” mentality.  But going with the lowest bidder has more negative drawbacks than positive attributes.  Its very important for a customer to find out what “added value” will they get out the higher bids.  More experience? Longer track record? Better credentials?  Better warranty?  Presentable work crews? These are all value added items.  Be sure to explore all these factors when choosing your next roof contractor.