About Flat Roof Replacement

Flat roofing systems have been a staple in the commercial roofing industry for many decades. They provide a safe space for things to be placed. If you have a commercial building that needs a flat roof replacement in Reed City, MI, call us at Empire Contractors. Call us at (231) 861-7221, we will get your roof in excellent shape.

About Flat Roofing

The most common flat roofing material is concrete. However, there are other materials that can be utilized for this application. A flat roof is not truly flat, it has a slight curve to it that allows water to roll towards the edge. This allows the water to go to the guttering system to aid in removing it from your roof. Flat roofs have an issue with leaks. This has a few causes to it. One of which is the guttering system gets clogged or is placed in the wrong place. This causes the water from rain and such to become stagnant on your roof allowing it to soak through your roofing materials causing your roof to leak. Another way this happens is through improper installation of your roof. When it is installed incorrectly it causes the joints to stretch which causes stress fractures and this allows leaks to occur.


Though replacements are a pain they are also necessary. Roofing materials are only good for so many years before they start degrading, which is the natural order of things. The positive thing about having a replacement is that you can choose the materials that are utilized. Another positive is that once the roof is installed correctly, your roof will then have a higher energy rating. As the new materials are made better than they were before and can withstand more variations in the weather. This will also reduce the amount of sound waves that pass through the materials. It also reduces the ability of the air to pass through which means your building will remain comfortable with less effort from your HVAC.

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Though it is an undertaking, flat roof replacement is not necessarily a dreadful thing. The new roofing materials will give your building a boost that you will profit from. If your building is in the Reed City, MI area we at Empire Contractors can be the ones to walk with you through the process. Contact us today on (231) 861-7221, to get our crew on this task for you.