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You have seen commercial roofing services before, but you have not been treated to our roofing services before now. Welcome to the high-quality treatment that you get from us at Empire Contractors. Call us today at (231) 861-7221 for services in Reed City, MI.

Same Services Different Treatment

Like most other commercial roofing companies, we offer a large variety of roofing services for your convenience. The difference is how we treat you and your property. Even though we have years of experience we will not walk into your property acting like we know everything. We know that we as humans are always learning and there will always be room for improvement. With that in mind we will continue to bring you the best we have to offer while striving to excel in other areas. We spend our time not only bringing aid to your roof, but we also focus on teaching you things about your roof and ways you can notice issues sooner.

About Us

Commercial Roofing Services

We have been serving the Reed City, MI, and nearby locations for over two decades now and have built a stellar reputation thanks to our hard work and dedication to deliver superior quality and world class craftsmanship. Improving ourselves through the years to ensure you are getting the best craftsmanship, customer service, the best materials available, and the best techniques available to us today. We keep open lines of communication available throughout the process as well after we have finished the service. This way if something comes up you know you can always come to us to get your questions answered in a respectful honest manner. Our services include but are not limited to repairs, restoration, replacements, maintenance, cleaning, and claims assistance. We have this variation of services so that you can find the service you need in your area.

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No matter which commercial roofing services you need, we are available 24*/7 to help you and extend the life of your roof. We offer 24-hour emergency services, this is due to our knowledge that disasters are not confined to normal work hours. Disasters will strike whenever and wherever it occurs. We are here to manage the cleanup and repairs on your behalf so that you can rest easy knowing we have your back. If your building is in or around the Reed City, MI area, you should reach out to us at Empire Contractors. You can contact us today by dialing (231) 861-7221.